Boots – Fall 2013

Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start wearing socks (gasp).  If you have to wear socks, then take advantage by wearing boots.  What used to be a work/cowboy/metro look has been steadily moving into every day wear.  Industrial work boots are now being made by some of the finest shoemakers in New England, CEOs are wearing cowboy boots on the reg, and cats and dogs are living together.  Amazing things are happening.

Get in your closet and see what your boot lineup looks like.  See any missing holes?  Here are some options that’ll keep you moving:

From top left

1. Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Trench Boots:  My addiction to the horween chromexcel continues.  These are extremely versatile boots – to be used with jeans, khakis, or 2″ cuffed flannel trousers.
2. Santoni Shipley Chelsey Boots:  Black footwear is hit or miss in my rotation, but black chelsea boots with formal attire is a nice touch.  Just make sure they are spit-shined.
3. Allen Edmonds Cronmok Boots:  Good boots for winter business casual.  These look great with any color canvas pants or colored denim.  Let them get a little worn out before polishing (if at all…)
4. Lucchese Beeswax Calf Snip Toe Boots: Any boot list on Red Clay Soul will be covered up with Lucchese.  These light brown beeswax boots are a great addition to the rotation.  The natural sole is a different touch.  Wear these with some broken in jeans and whatever you want on top.
5. Lucchese Sienna Full Quill Ostrich Ropers:  I’m very close to pulling the trigger on these after seeing them in person (numerous times).  These could be the tailgating boots for 2013.  Very stylish and tough as nails.
6. Alden X Leather Sole Safari Boots:  Suede boots?  Absolutely.  Get ’em prepared for the elements before taking them on their maiden voyage.  These look good with anything across the spectrum.  A new pair of raw denim or broken in jeans, khakis in any color, or flannel trousers.
7. Gokey Sandanona Pull On Boots:  The alternate to the ropers for tailgating.  These boots were made for walking, so they’ll be comfortable.  Jeans and khakis appropriate.
8. 6″ Bean Boots:  A must have for any man with feet in any location where rain could possibly fall from the sky.  I like dry feet, too.



  1. Ben Kanne
    08/12/2013 / 9:58 AM

    Deadlink on #6.

    It’s “LeatherSoulHawaii” not “LeatherSoleHawaii”

    Great post though! Love this blog.

  2. Cecil
    08/12/2013 / 10:47 AM

    Bad Link on Number 4!

    Also AE has number 3 on sale!

    Keep up the great work, I check it daily!

  3. 08/12/2013 / 1:18 PM

    Hey guys,
    This is George from Oak Street. First and foremost, wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Red Clay Soul for dropping us in that #1 spot with the Natural Trench Boot. As you guys can see, the Trench Boot has been doing so well that we’ve had a near impossible time keeping it in stock. It often is pre-order only with a 6 week delivery (visible when you check for your size). If your size is in fact out of stock, now is a great time to place the order so you’ll have them in time for Fall.

    As RCS mentioned, these are in fact made of Horween’s Chromexcel leather. Another strong point is that they can be re-soled (at a local cobbler, or through our rec-rafting program) for years of wear.

    As always, please feel free to reach out directly to us with any questions – we absolutely would love to help in any way we can

    Thank you so much guys,

    Founder/Design Director
    Oak Street Bootmakers

  4. BMO'C
    08/13/2013 / 10:01 AM

    Had my eyes on #7 for a long while. Or something similar. Russell also makes great uplander boots.

    Surprised Red Wing Pecos didn’t make the list.

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