Man Outfitters Fall Look

Man Outfitters is a great destination on the web to stock up on staples.  They carry a great selection of brands that appeal to 90% guys.  All of their Fall stuff has been hitting their site over the past couple weeks.  They asked me to put together a look, so here you go.  Oh, and what’s great about all this stuff you see here?  It’s all 20% off today and tomorrow…use code FALL20 for the hookup.

Here we go:

From top left:

1. Patagonia Fitz Roy Bear Hat: It all starts with a new hat.  Get one that is built to be beat up, and seasonally appropriate.  Don’t poke the bear…
2. Southern Marsh Wilshire Flannel:  Southern Marsh has knocked it out of the park lately, and their flannels hit a high mark.  Excellent color choices, and light on the logo.  Just right for this time of year.
3. Patagonia Quilt Snap T:  You already have the fleece snap T, so dress it up with the quilted version.  This acts as a nice pullover that
4. Simms Rivershed Quarter Zip Fleece:  Because there’s always room for a quarter zip…especially the kind that you can throw on for a late lunch on the weekend or an early morning fishing trip chasing stripers.
5. Patagonia Sweatshirt: …and you’ll notice that there is quite a bit of Patagonia on the list.  Two reasons: first, Patagonia stuff is awesome.  Two: take advantage when it’s 20% off.  I like the simplicity of this sweatshirt…just a vintage logo, and a great price.  It’s a grey sweatshirt…let’s not think too deeply on this one.
6. Patagonia Nano Puff Vest:  A very good addition to a Fall wardrobe: a super-light vest that provides a little warmth.  The Nano Puff in black is a great transition piece that you can put over a dress shirt and khakis, or over a long sleeve T and jeans.  It looks fine either way.
7. Columbia Jack of All Trades 3 in 1 Jacket:  I was fishing the other morning, and the bottom dropped out.  That sucked.  Since then I’ve been shopping for a rain jacket that is just that: a lightweight rain jacket that I can pack.  And now that it’s 20% off? Check and mate.
8. Patagonia Performance Twill Jeans:  Let’s be honest, 5-pocket pants have all but taken over the ‘business casual’ to ‘happy hour’ to ‘hardcore weekend’ wear.  The value proposition on these is so good, it’s hard to believe that everyone isn’t on board.  Then add Patagonia to the mix?  No brainer…
9. Randolph Engineering Aviators: USA made aviators.  These are season-less.  They always look good.
10. Trask Sadler Penny Loafers:  Those loafers that work everywhere?  Shorts, jeans, 5-pockets, khakis…whatever.  These are a dressed up version of those loafers you wore as a kid.  The higher vamp and great steerhide leather are nice touches to an already great pair of loafers.
11. Filson Medium Duffel:  Because you always have somewhere to go, and you want to look good getting there.  OK, so Filson isn’t included in the sale, but they never go on sale, and it’s still worth every penny.  Just right for a long weekend.

Don’t forget – all of this as well as the vast majority of the rest of the Man Outfitter site is 20% off today and tomorrow.  Big time stuff here, folks.


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  1. nachdrock
    10/16/2017 / 2:32 PM

    don’t see the black hole duffel on their site

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