RCS Wish List – 1989 Toyota Landcruiser

1989 Toyota Landcruiser

Image: Wikimedia.org



  1. Joseph
    01/13/2010 / 10:29 PM

    OMG, so I have to admit that I hate blogs and I have great disdain for my wife's blog which in my opinion crossed some serious lines of privacy, but I found your blog while I was looking for 89 landcruisers, which btw I just bought one for $500!!! Actually in pretty good condition too. Needs some TLC but that's why I bought her! Needless to say I started following your blog and I have to admit that If I lived closer Atlanta I would offer to meet up and buy you a drink immediately. It's uncanny how many things we like/have in common. Mcallan 12 drinker, pretty much every single thing you post on your wishlist is on mine as well. Anyways, starting to feel a little creepy and SWF'ish so I'll just leave at cheers to you, and maybe I'll email you some pics of my landcruiser as I restore her, she actually looks exactly like the one in your picture. Take care and keep the posts coming

  2. 09/16/2019 / 5:17 PM

    Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from a local Toyota dealer who has been

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