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I love anything custom.  I’ve never gotten a custom dress shirt made, so I took advantage of a recent Read Wall promotion (4 for $500) to give it a whirl.  I had them take my measurements when I was up in DC at the beginning of the year to have on hand for an occasion (and opportunity) such as this.  I’m going through a closet purge, and space is at a premium, so I want to fill it with pieces that will stay in the rotation, and don’t just look good on a hanger.

After seeing the offer, I contacted the store, and worked with Conor to get my fabrics, styles, and details worked out.  90% of it was done over email.  The process was way too easy.

Here’s what I went with (Clockwise from top left):

  • Blue Pima Cotton, Read Wall’s “Perfect Spread Collar”, barrel cuffs, cuff monogram in navy blue
  • White Pinpoint Cotton, Read Wall’s “Perfect Spread Collar”, barrel cuffs, cuff monogram in navy blue
  • Green Bengal Stripe, Spread Collar, front pocket, barrel cuffs, fifth button monogram in light blue
  • Pink Micro-Gingham, Button-down collar, front pocket, barrel cuffs, fifth button monogram in green

I wanted some go-to dress shirts that I can wear with a suit, so 1 and 2 will fit that bill.  I’m really into bengal stripes right now, so the green was a no brainer.  And how do you say no to pink gingham?  You simply can’t.

Blue Pima Cotton Details:

White Pinpoint Details:

Green Bengal Stripe Details:

Pink Micro-Gingham Details:

All in all, the experience was outstanding.  I am very satisfied with the results, and have enjoyed wearing these shirts.  They really do feel like mine…as if they were made for me.  Wait – they were made for me.

What did I learn?  When traveling, stop by mens stores and have them take your measurements – not just for shirts, but for suits and sport coats as well.  Then, follow the mens store on social media and email distributions and take advantage of sales like these.

I can’t say enough good things about Read Wall.  They do such great work, and all of my experiences have been outstanding thus far.  DC and Bethesda folks: get over to their shop(s) and say hello.  Great stuff cookin’ over there.


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  1. AGG
    09/26/2017 / 10:02 AM

    What’s the story on the fifth button monogram? I’ve never seen that before. Although, I did just see a pic with Ronald Reagan sporting the fifth button monogram, so it must be legit.  

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