Summer Shoe Options

Shoes in the Summer.  That almost sounds like an oxymoron. Since I’ve been out of the office over the last couple of years, I’ve been wearing out Rainbows.  Literally a pair of year.  But don’t despair – there are so many great footwear options that work in these hot months. … View Post

A Lesson in Racquet Sports by Bradley A. Evans

When I was a kid our garage was where Dad smoked cigarettes, hung out with the neighborhood men, and tinkered around. There was no drywall – just exposed beams with shelves full of wooden-handled tools, mason jars filled with nuts and screws, and fishing reels in various stages of repair.… View Post

Ghosts in the Delivery Room by John T. O’Neal

Ghosts take a prominent role in Southern culture and folklore. In our stories, ghosts have a tendency to help folks define who they are, who they were, and what’s coming next. Outside of folklore, though, we don’t discuss them much: we can’t have our fellow Americans think we’ve all lost… View Post

In Hand: The Ridge Shorts from TSG

I have these conversations with Marc Williams quite a bit.  He’ll call with an idea.  I’ll typically offer him brilliant feedback, which I’m sure is drowned out by the whirr of the wheels turning in his head.  Formulating…  As the owner of The Sporting Gent and subsequently TSG Apparel, he… View Post


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