In Hand: Oak Street Bootmakers Latigo Bit Loafers

Some of my favorite shoemakers recently released what I would consider the holy grail of dress shoes.  Oak Street Bootmakers has been around for some time – making boots and shoes in their Chicago facility.  It’s a great story that we’ll cover in due time.  Their boots are top-notch, but… View Post

The Tom Beckbe Warehouse Sale

Tom Beckbe Warehouse Sale – This Saturday at Avondale Commerce Park in Birmingham, AL from 10AM to 2PM.  Rumor is there will be a motherload of Tensaws.  Y’all be good. View Post

Polo Rundown

Is it me, or has the polo market exploded over the last few years?  There are so many options now, it almost causes analysis paralysis.  Back in the day, it was either Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, or Izod.  Lacoste if you were lucky.  Today there are hundreds of brands offering… View Post

The Get Away

Vacations have been weird during the lockdown.  While a lot of places are open, there are a lot of factors to consider when booking a long weekend away.  Mrs. RCS and I have been pretty fried lately.  Work has been really busy, and our boys are complete maniacs.  We haven’t… View Post
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