Hari Mari X Nokona

Don’t let this cold snap fool you – warmer weather is coming, and it’s coming quick.  It’s a matter of weeks until the temperature and humidity hit their stride here in the South, and we’ll all be clamoring for these cooler days…

In an effort to get ahead of the game, I’ve been taking stock of my Spring wardrobe.  I usually do a couple purges a year, and having recently just send a bunch to Goodwill, I now able to plug some holes.  One of those holes was for a good pair of flip flops.

I’m actually really tough on flip flops.  Any of the leather ones usually last me a year – maybe.  I destroy rubber ones in no time. Sure, they could last longer, but I keep a certain sanitary level in my house.  Thus said, I need to get a new pair for this year.

I’ve followed Texas’s Hari Mari for quite some time, and really like what they are doing.  Then, they did something I didn’t expect: they offered a collection with the famed baseball glove maker Nokona.  If you’ve ever played ball, you know these guys.  Their gloves are works of art…they make the old Rawlings Gold Gloves look very JV.  I pulled the trigger on these bad boys:

Out of the box, they are light, but substantial.  These are well-made flip flops that aren’t going to break down.  The leather is very high quality, will patina well.  Just how I like it.

They are extremely comfortable out of the box.  They are single layer, so they ride a little lower.  I like this because I don’t look like a chick from 2003.  I also really like the jersey-lined strap.  Very comfortable, and no break-in time.  Finally, these look good.  I like the leather look, it’s clean and simple, and goes with everything from Stand Ups and a polo to Baggies and a t-shirt.  Not to mention that it’s REALLY good leather.  Nokona knows what they are doing.

I’m pretty pumped to get going in these.  These are lining up to take on a lot of miles this year, and I’m pretty sure they are up to the task.  I’ll post their progress on Instagram



  1. Nem
    03/23/2018 / 8:29 AM

    I’m surprised by the flip-flop post actually.  Didn’t take you for a FF kind of guy.  I’m not a fan, but I do like my Chacos with the toe strap.  I saw the Hari Mari guys at a trade show not long ago and they do have a very popular, high quality product at a great price.  

  2. CJW
    03/23/2018 / 10:13 AM

    Sorry, I don’t think anyone can justify a $110 pair of flops no matter the materials or workmanship but maybe that’s just me. I’ll stick to my Rainbows that have been beat to hell.

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