Holiday Party Getup

I got an interesting question the other day: “What do I wear to a Holiday (Christmas) party?”.  It’s actually a really good questions.  Mrs. RCS and I have had a few over the past couple weeks, and we have another one this weekend.  My answer is three fold: First, wear something festive, but don’t go too deep on the GTH scale.  Second, don’t overdress.  Third, bring a gift for the host (I know that has nothing to do with the outfit, but it’s as important).  Here is what I sported to a party hosted at a co-worker’s house, where the dress code was labeled as “informal, casual party attire”:

From top left:

1. Gant Rugger 3/2 Roll Plaid Wool Jacket: I found this jacket in the sale section at East Dane; it is awesome.  This is the ‘festive’ part of the outfit.  The red plaid negates the need to wear a Santa hat.
2. Ledbury Royal Twill Dress Shirt:  A crisp, white dress shirt makes every outfit look a little more formal.
3. Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket:  Yeah, it’s cold at night, and my Belstaff has become my go-to.
4. Tory Leather English Bridle Spur Belt:  I love this belt (and the fact that it is on sale for $28!!).  The buckle is interesting, and the 1″ width gives it a dressier look.
5. APC New Standard Jeans:  As good as it gets with high-end jeans.  APC’s denim wears very well.
6. Sid Mashburn Chelsea Boots:  The Chelsea Boots give the outfit a sports car look…a little more streamlined.
7. Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon:  For the host and his wife…don’t show up with two-buck-chuck.  They may not invite you back next year…



  1. Dave
    12/19/2014 / 10:19 AM

    Just ordered the Tory Leather belt in Oak Bark. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Grant
    12/20/2014 / 8:10 AM

    Love the belt. Since you’ve handled it, do you think it’s full grain or corrected grain leather?

  3. Bill Feus
    12/21/2014 / 11:58 PM

    I am perhaps way too traditional, but in my opinion. jeans–no matter who makes them, nor how much they cost–are jeans, and best paired with sweaters, sweatshirts, oxford cloth button downs, flannel shirts, and so on. Pairing jeans with blazers and sport coats is too “stand-up comic to me.” And don’t forget to tip the waitresses. Gray flannels, wool trousers, and of course, khakis are wonderful when paired with blazers and sport coats. That’s just my two cents.

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