Holland & Holland: Factory Craftsmanship (Video)

Holland & Holland shotguns are like nothing I’ve ever seen.  The company was founded in 1835 in London by Harris Holland.  They have four showrooms around the world; one of which is in New York.  I will be making a stop next time I’m in the city.  My first, real experience with Holland & Holland was at the opening party for the Atlanta Charity Clays weekend a few years ago, where they had some of the most beautiful examples of their craftsmanship on display, all at $150K plus:

I came across this H&H video on the YouTubes, and it enthralled me for nineteen solid minutes.  Watching these masters at work building some of the finest shotguns in the world is a sight to see.  I can’t imagine what it takes to get to that level of expertise.  Now, I absolutely love this sort of stuff – seeing how the preverbal sausage is made.  I hope you do too:


Anyone have personal shooting experience with H&H? I’d love to hear it.


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