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Kelly Allen (and her husband Aaron) are dear friends of mine, and very successful real estate agents in the North Atlanta arc.


Kelly and I were talking the other day, and I asked her if she wouldn’t mind putting together a post for the blog.  For those of us that are working from home, there is time to get busy on that honey-do list…  Kelly has listed ten things that you can do TO your house that will not only improve your quality of life, but also the value of your home.  Enjoy:

Day 1,039,9390…..of COVID-19. I’m actually one of those seemingly rare individuals that USED to attack each day at 90 MPH and get home just in time to throw together a dinner (late) for my family but now finds herself settling in nicely to this new, much slower routine. While my heart aches for those that have lost jobs, lost loved ones or have been sick themselves, because of my glass-half-full mentality I’m seeing the benefits of this forced pace.

Everybody has more time on their hands and COVID-19 has reminded us how much being a home you love matters. Whether you plan to sell when this is over or just want to enjoy your home more, here are 10 things you can do while stuck at home to add value and improve your quality of life!

1. Repaint your front door. Walkers have replaced cars in our neighborhood so why not give them (and yourself) something fresh and new to look at as they go by? Here are my favorite colors and painting is cheap and easy! While you’re at it, add fresh plant/flowers by your front door. Don’t forget to water them!

Gray/Black = Iron Ore by SW
Cottage Blue = Greyhound by BM
Blue/Green = Tavern Door by BM
Red (us Southerners do still love a red front door ala Elizabeth Arden!) = Caliente BM
Pink (try it!) – Calamine by Farrow and Ball
White= Atrium White by BM

2. Add pinestraw to your borders and beds. You have the time, it’s cheaper than mulch at $4/bale or less and you need the exercise. For an added touch grab your leaf blower and “fluff” up the perimeter of each bed/border!

3. Trim bushes away from your house and windows. Not only will it let in more light but if you trim now you’ll have fresh greenery this summer! And it’s free to do!

4. Thin out your knick-knacks. Get rid of anything that’s smaller than a softball. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind. I believe we’ll all appreciate living with a little less after this.

5. Wash your windows inside and out. Now that pollen season is over in the south we can finally wipe it off of anything and everything. Take your screens off and clean those windows with a microfiber cloth (or newspaper as my Dad is so inclined) and this cleaner.

6. Contain clutter in pretty baskets. A trick we have when staging homes is to contain closet and laundry room clutter/essentials in baskets like these. They instantly bring organization to your space and the eye. These are our go-to’s: Container Store Target Ikea

7. Pressure wash and stain your deck. It’s a good excuse to get outside and who doesn’t love the mindlessness of pressure washing and the instant gratification it brings. Plus with the dryer days (finally!) you can put a beautiful warm brown stain to finish the job. My favorite stain is Spicewood by SW.

8. Switch out bedding. Another staging secret hat instantly adds value to a bedroom is to add big white euro pillows and crisp white sheets to beds. Switch out your heavy comforter with a lighter white one as well. I know it’s a lot of white but white can be bleached (if you’re lucky enough to find bleach right now). Trust me, you’ll love the clean look.

9. Paint. If you’ve been meaning to finally update your red dining room or builder beige family room now’s the time to just. do. it. My go-to colors are various shades of white depending on which way the room faces. I like to paint trim the same color as the walls but in satin.
Here are 2 great guides on how to pick the perfect white for your space… HERE and HERE.

10. Do a virtual walk through with a designer or home stager. For $100 or so you can have a virtual appointment with a professional who can put together a plan for the room you love least. You’ll take the dimensions and send ideas of what you like and your budget for the space then they’ll get to work creating a plan for paint, rugs, windows, furniture, lighting and more. Start checking off the list as your wallet sees fit and before you know it you have a beautiful new space.

Our homes are deeply personal spaces of shelter and sanctuary. Life’s too short to not love it. What other things are you doing around your home to add value and improve your quality of life?

Kelly and her team can be reached here.  She’s amazing, folks.


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