Masters Style: The Patron Looks

Being a patron at The Masters is an honor.  Landing a badge requires either a lot of luck, or a lot of money. Outfitting yourself is important, and quite frankly, it’s pretty easy.  Knowing that you are going to walk a few miles, you’ll want to be comfortable.  It’s Georgia, so it could well be chilly in the morning.  The sun is likely to be out all day, and it’s going to get warm.  This is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world, so show a little refinement.

Do not do any of the following.  No exceptions:

  • Dress like you are playing in the event, or sponsored by (insert brand here).  You aren’t.
  • Wear head-to-toe technical fabric.  You have a 14 handicap and couldn’t run a mile in under eight minutes.
  • Dress like Rickie Fowler circa 2014 if you are over the age of 12.  Clowns are for birthday parties.
  • Wear ANYTHING with an Augusta National logo.  You aren’t a member.
  • Wear ANYTHING with a Masters logo – including what you buy.  Don’t be that guy. (editor’s note: Mrs. RCS disagrees with this point. In fact, she wears a Master’s hat each year she attends, always from the year previous.)

Here is an acceptable range of ‘I’ve got Berkmans access’ to ‘the beers are how much?’.  Stay in this world and you’ll be fine:

From top left:

1. White Visor from State Traditions:  The white tour visor is the ultimate power move, especially as a patron. Go with something unique, like your state from State Traditions, or one from a club.  Make sure you’ve worn it before.  You don’t want it to look like you were saving it.
2. Palmer Pullover from Onward Reserve:  It’s usually pretty chilly in the morning, so a pullover is a good idea.  Ditch it as soon as it hits 10AM, or after you walk up #10 to the clubhouse…whichever comes first.
3. Oakley Frogskins:  Sunglasses are a must.  Be cool.
4. Sugarloaf Pimento Loafwich Rope Hat:  The only ‘see and be seen’ part of The Masters I enjoy is sporting something unique
5. Persol PO3108 Sunglasses:  It’s hard to beat the timeless style of Persol.  They do it right.  The polarized lenses are great for a long day in the gallery.  You may want to add a slip lanyard for when enjoying a little shade.
6. Penfield Barnes Windbreaker:  A windbreaker is a good idea if the weather is suspect.  Deep pockets are excellent for pack-muling twelve pimento cheese sandwiches to #16 cause hands are for beers.  Pockets are for sammies.
7. Chapman Shirt from Holderness & Bourne:  A crisp, white golf shirt is always in season.  Do it right with the Holderness & Bourne options.  Let your belt (#8 or #13) do the talking, and pair it with some fun shorts (#10).
8. Deco Palm Needlepoint Belt from Matthias Kaupermann:  The MK belts are seriously cool, and will dress up your look.  The green is an excellent shade, and a sterling buckle makes it top tier.
9. The Harvey Stripe Player’s Shirt from Criquet:  Start tucked in and let it loose during the back nine (beers).  Criquet is a style all it’s own, and should be celebrated in Augusta.  This is stylistic tribute to Arnie’s Army.  Hat’s off, folks.
10. Sid Mashburn Lightweight Twill Shorts:  The Sid shorts are as good as it gets, and it’s hard to find an argument against these in ‘Mint’.  It’s like they were made for The Masters.
11. Patagonia Stand Up Shorts:  Built for walking, and tough enough to handle anything thrown at them.  Big pockets will hold everything you need, and more.  Go 7″ inseam if you’re driving, and 5″ if you’re not.
12. Bill Horse Bit Driving Loafers from Martin Dingman:  Drivers are doable at The Masters, and give your outfit a very Berkmans look.  Keep in mind that you are walking around a golf course all day, so these Dingmans with a full rubber bottom will keep your feet dry and your style high.
13. Esquel Belt from La Matera:  Green is good.  Be the guy who shows a little waist flare.
14. New Balance 993s:  In all the times I’ve been to Augusta, I’ve always worn my New Balance.  For me, it’s so much walking, it only makes sense to treat my feet well.  Come on, they are the iconic 993s.  If it ain’t broke…
15. Zilker Belts ‘Save Muny’ Belt:  Perfect colors for this time of year.  It says ‘I want to party at Augusta, but I care about the Muni’…20% of the proceeds from this belt go to Save Muni.  See, you’re helping.

See you out there…good talk.



  1. Livingston Mimms
    03/29/2017 / 8:32 AM

    I’ve seen the ANGC gear done right. Usually by wives, business partners, kids or grandkids of members, though. 

    • JRS
      03/29/2017 / 9:17 AM

      Agreed.  The term ‘Wear it like you own it’ applies here.

    03/29/2017 / 11:14 AM

    Love the article. However, I have to draw the line in regards to ANGC logo stuff at belts. My Smathers belt I bought there a few years ago is a must wear. Everything else about the Masters gear is spot on though!!

    • JRS
      03/29/2017 / 9:24 PM

      I have the same belt, and love it.  Probably my favorite thing I’ve ever gotten at The Masters.

    • William Leist
      01/12/2021 / 3:41 AM

      I got a martin dingman alligator grain italian calfskin belt with martin dingman masters belt buckle just like the one that he is giving away im sure theirs not many out their for purchase but im willing to sell mine call me 509 608 6074 if you want it

  3. MJS
    03/29/2017 / 12:36 PM

    Not to take away from the fantastic
    work you do year round, but your Masters posts are by far my favorite. I have
    been hitting the archives to read some old favorites in anticipation of the
    start of RCS Masters season. Hopefully you are making a visit again this year and
    will share your haul from the souvenir tents. 

    • JRS
      03/29/2017 / 9:24 PM

      MJS – Get ready.  Next week is rather ‘busy’ on the blog.  Glad you like it, my friend!

  4. Hugh
    03/29/2017 / 4:58 PM

    Such a great read – really enjoyed it. Big fan of the modern classic golf brands like the guys at Holderness & Bourne and Sugarloaf. Bring on the best week of the year! 

    • JRS
      03/29/2017 / 9:25 PM

      Thanks, Hugh.  Glad you like it.  Yes, I’m glad the pendulum is swinging back towards the more traditional golf look.  H&B and Sugarloaf (among others) are doing great things.

  5. Cory Folds
    03/30/2017 / 11:33 AM

    Great article! Quick question, I notice you often link the Persol sunglasses to Amazon’s website. Is this where you purchase your Persol’s from and if so, any issues with authenticity?

  6. DCW
    04/03/2017 / 4:36 PM

    Those belts from Mathias Kaupermann combined with the Frogskins, clutch

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