On to the next gift guide…Charleston was fun, but it’s time to move on down the road.

For gift guide #2, we’re heading to New Orleans, where the party is a way of life.  The food is good, the music is even better, and everyone has a drink in hand (or both).  These gifts are for the life of the party, or for the host:

From top left:

1 ‘Playboy’s Host & Bar Book’:  Mrs. RCS gave this to me when we first started dating.  I know my wife can throw a party, and I’ve heard that Playboy knows how to throw a shindig as well.  Not necessarily together, but you get it.
2. Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers:  Party shoes for a more refined, stylish guy.  Pair these with jeans and a blue blazer and he’ll be ready to kick it.
3. Needlepoint Flask from Smathers & Branson:  For the guy who likes to pregame…he can pack some heat and get a head start.  The needlepoint gives it a little character.  Be cheeky.
4. Antique Punch Bowl:  Every good party has a signature drink.  Here’s an opportunity to serve up some serious punch in a really cool vessel.  Imagine drinking a Hurricane out of this bad boy?
5. Vintage Liquor Artwork:  For the guy that appreciates the old advertising prints.  The art you collect should be a good reflection of your life, and these liquor themed prints are a great gift for a party host.  
6. Brooks Brothers Fun Shirt:  It’s purple.  It’s gingham.  It’s seersucker.  Sounds like a party to me…tucked in or untucked, this one shows up first and is the last to leave.
7. Patek Philippe Nautilus Watch:  If you rock this bad boy (call this my ‘dream watch’), then you are ready to party anywhere, anytime.  Another option is a cool vintage party Swatch.  Don’t be too fashionably late…
8. Drake’s Pocket Square:  A bright pocket square with a bunch of women’s high heels printed says ‘party’ to me.  I really like the whimsical feel of this one.  Don’t fold it up, and don’t take it too seriously.
9. Persol PO3194s Sunglasses:  A cool Carrera style from Persol, who is known for their Italian style.  These are a dressed up version of some older racing glasses, but they work great for us regular folks who go the speed limit.
10. La Matera Lago Carrera Belt:  Waist flair is a must, and La Matera makes some super cool belts that are a nod to Argentinian polo players.  They aren’t too flashy, but you’ll get some attention.
11. Tecovas Dillon Cowboy Boots:  Want to make an entrance to a party?  How about some caiman alligator boots?  Those that need to notice, will.
12. Ledbury Linlaw Sport Coat:  Being a big sport coat guy, I rarely attend a party without wearing one.  I do like exploding jackets…and they are very socially appropriate without being LOUD.  Think of it as a party jacket.
13 Vintage Polished Silver Bar Cart:  Bar carts are actually pretty addictive – you can’t buy just one.  And having a good place to display your bottles (and great glass wear) is a rite of passage for being an adult.
14. ‘The Big Chill’ Soundtrack Album:  Easy to find on Spotify, but vinyl is clutch.  Want to get a party going, try this album.  Everyone knows the words to every song…
15. Sonos Play:5:  …and if you want the whole neighborhood to sing along, blast it through the Play:5.  This is the biggest Sonos offers, and it packs a serious punch.  Hard to imagine you’d ever need any more.
16. Vintage Stag Handled Bar Tools:  Vintage bar tools are the go-to gift for a host.  You can never have too many, and the stag handles make them very masculine and timeless.

Party people – what did I miss?

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