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I can’t believe we’ve gotten this far into Summer and not talked about swimsuits.  We’re suffering through a mid-to-high 90’s stint here in Atlanta, so we’re spending quite a bit of time at the pool.  The beach and lake are coming, but the pool does give some sweet relief.  I’m pretty picky about swimsuits, and I look at fit and inseam as the most important, followed by design.

For men, a swimsuit should NEVER be too small.  It should fit well, or actually a little loose, otherwise, you look like an overstuffed sausage.  A swimsuit’s inseam should NEVER be longer than 7″.  There is no such thing as ‘cargo’ swim suits.  Don’t be afraid be a little bold with the designs, but not too bold.  Lilly is for girls; rarely for guys.  Here’s how I like to do it:


From top left:

1. Vilebrequin Moorea Octopus Swim Trunks:  Vilebrequin makes some of the best prints out there.  If you are going to be bold, do it right.
2. Strong Boalt Hybrid Shorts:  These are some of my favorite out there.  They fit like a pair of shorts, but are swimsuit ‘material’ that Strong Boalt is known for.  The colors are perfect as well.
3. Saturdays Surf NYC Safari Print Board Shorts:  Stylish.  For the pool party.  Must be worn with good sunglasses.
4. Trunks SAN-Os:  Trunks are great, affordable swimsuits.  Their designs are just right, and the inseam is good.  These are good on the lake.
5. Sid Mashburn Sid-Length Swim Shorts:  For the Italian look…he added some elastic to the sides for a bit better fit.  Simple design; perfect inseam.
6. Little Flowers Swim Trunks by Hartford:  These are very Atlantic Coast.  Not too bright, but workable enough for the deep beaches.  Fishing approved and will transition to grilling dinner.
7. J. Crew 6.5″ Tab Swim Shorts in Seersucker:  A seersucker swimsuit is a nod to a Southern summer, and J. Crew does a great job with their tab swimsuit line.  A great, comfortable fit.
8. Strong Boalt Classic Board Shorts:  Palm Beach.  Appropriate with boat drinks.
9. Italian Print Calder Trunks by Onia:  Bold.  A good suit for the guys that do 1000 sit ups a day.
10. Onward Reserve Atlantic Swimsuit:  The all-purpose swimsuit.  Great color, great fit, and a great price point.  These are the “we’re heading to the lake” suit.
11. Pupukea Dip-dye Board Shorts by Quality Peoples:  For an exotic beach…avoid wearing these at the Mullet Toss.
12. Patagonia 5″ Baggies:  The swimsuit you always forget about…these are not only great swimsuits, but excellent shorts as is.  You can’t have enough colors…

Extra Credit: Birdwell.  They have to be mentioned here.  Classic California style.  The fit is a bit tricky; order an inch bigger than you think.

What are your go-to trunks?


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