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As I mentioned earlier, I recently came to know End. Clothing‘s corner of the Interwebs.  Tons of great brands that I already know, as well as some new ones that I’m excited to get to know.

Beyond a general familiarity with Barbour’s general catalog, End features a ton of collaborations that Barbour does with other brands, and has a healthy dose in stock for our enjoyment.  Some of the work they’ve done includes Dept. (B), Land Rover, Adidas, Deux Ex, Norton & Sons, and Pantone, a lot of which are currently available on serious sale.  I pulled the trigger on a black Polartone quilted jacket that Barbour did in collaboration with Pantone…it has since sold out, but I got a couple questions about the experience, so here goes:

I placed the order (On sale for$115 + $11.95 shipping from England) and it arrived four business days later.  No complaints there, especially around the holiday season.  All in all, the End. experience was five stars.

Now for the jacket…I was looking for a dark quilted jacket that I could add to the rotation with my olive Penfield Monooka, and believe it or not, black was the preferred color.  Something that would fit the ‘NASA’ look (black and white).  This jacket really fell into my lap.

I really like that it has the Moto collar, rather than the typical corduroy folded job that is synonymous with Barbour.  It has a slimmer fit, like an under-layer should.  The armholes are high, and the sleeves are long enough (something that some Barbours cut a little short).  The black quilt almost has a matte finish; it isn’t shiny.

I see this getting a ton of wear in all sorts of scenarios – it’s nice enough to wear over a sweater with grey trousers and black oxfords, and cool enough to wear with jeans and chelsea boots.  And you can’t beat the price…



  1. 01/05/2015 / 9:34 PM

    Don’t forget to pick up a pair of the CHUP socks while you are there. Fit in perfect this time of year.

  2. Vince
    01/14/2015 / 7:45 PM

    I have had a good purchasing experience with END, as I received my Barbour rapidly after they shipped it. Be advised that you might have a following bill from Customs in the US… I did. Still adds up to best price I could find though, considering their sale prices.

  3. chuck
    01/19/2015 / 3:27 PM

    interesting..I was told that due to barbourr’s new “rules” they can’t ship (barbour) outside the european union.. good work 😉

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