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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ledbury for a little over a year now (they do advertise – full disclosure).  They are such a great group of people that really love what they do, and create some awesome products.  I look forward to the short-run shirting releases they do every month.  From an outsider’s perspective, there is an opportunity to try some new things, introduce new fabrics, and get some buzz going about some really cool shirts.

They asked me to check out their new ‘luxury’ shirt from the May collection:

This is the Poplin Stripe 120 slim fit in purple and white stripe.  While I’m used to the Ledbury quality, this shirt was different.  The fabric is extremely soft – it almost has a silky quality to it without any sheen.  The purple is a very masculine shade, and the micro-stripes give it a nice detail for the close talkers.

Comparatively speaking, the fit and style of the luxury line is on par with their regular (for lack of a better word) shirtings.  They all take to ironing very well – if that’s your thing.  The difference is the fabric.  A $165 price point vs. a $135 price point is somewhat significant, but in this case, it seems worth it.  There is a clear difference.

Check out the purple stripe details…

In comparison to the white poplin…a shirt that is permanent fixture in my rotation.  Seriously – every man should own a couple white oxfords.  Put them with jeans and loafers or under your best suit and you are good to go.

P.S. – Beware – both of these shirts are coming with me to New Orleans for a rehearsal and wedding this weekend.  Check out the Red Clay Soul Instagram to see them in the wild…


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  1. 05/15/2013 / 1:44 PM

    I might need to make some orders.

    Have you been requesting purple, or is that just what they’ve sent?

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