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St. Patrick’s Day has become a widely celebrated day around Irish culture.  Apologies to all my Irish friends, but I don’t have a lick of Irish in me, but I do enjoy the day.  Probably a little too much.  Every watering hole has some sort of green-related special, and there are festivals galore.  Get out and enjoy it.  Remember – wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.  Or don’t.  You’ll get pinched.  Your call.

From top left:

1. J. Press Shamrock Belt:  Besides the golf course, this is the right day to wear a shamrock belt.  Do it.
2. State Traditions Ireland Hat:  It’s not a bad idea to carry a cap.  Ever.
3. Red’s Outfitters Bridges Sunglasses:  Most of the festivals are during the day, so protective eyewear is a must.
4. Howard Yount Kelly Green Canvas Pants:  Heavy duty canvas and the perfect shade of green.  Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.
5. Smathers & Branson Shamrock Credit Card Wallet:  The shamrock will increase your luck that you won’t lose your wallet during the festivities.
6. Makr Bottle Key:  This should be on your keychain anyway, but don’t forget it – you never know.
7. Ledbury Slim fit White Oxford:  Go simple here.  Send it to the dry cleaners on Monday.
8. New Balance 574s:  Since you are probably going to be on your feet quite a bit.  Wear something comfortable.
9. Everything you need for multiple Irish Car Bomb shots.
10. Patagonia R2 Fleece Jacket:  While it may be warm out, it’s a good idea to carry some sort of fleece.  It will double nicely as a pillow.



  1. Harry
    03/14/2013 / 9:19 AM

    The Fleece pillow is one of the most accurate things of all time.

  2. Glenn Kimmell
    03/14/2013 / 9:31 AM

    Bushmills to me is a better Irish whiskey (From Northern Ireland) and Guinness Draft has less calories than extra stout! I know Mayor Bloomberg loves that:-)

  3. Leonard
    03/14/2013 / 2:24 PM

    I would go with “Redbreast” over the Jameson.

  4. 03/22/2013 / 7:56 AM

    @Harry – we’ve all needed a fleece pillow from time to time.

    @Glenn & Leonard – I love how a simple liquor reference sparks conversation. Thanks for contributing! I’m not much of an Irish whiskey guy, but I’ll take your word(s) for it.

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