1000 Words: Vintage Oakley Advertising

Remember when Oakley was strictly a sport brand?  They made goggles, and then they made the blades that were so popular with athletes.  And then they released the iconic Frogskins, which changed the game.  I had a couple pairs, both of which I wore to death, and then they changed the style to something very Star Trek.  Thank God those days are over, and the original Frogskin design is back…

Speaking of ‘back’…let’s enjoy some of the old school Oakley advertising:

Were you and Oakley person?  Which one(s) did you have?



  1. Nem
    04/28/2017 / 9:29 AM

    What do we think about the crystal frames, be they Frogskin or other maybe Lafont Pantheon sunglasses as sold by Ben Silver?  I’m eager to try a crystal frame but wonder if that’s a little too disco.

    • nachdrock
      05/01/2017 / 2:54 PM

      Check out MOSCOT

  2. Landy
    04/28/2017 / 3:03 PM

    Can’t look at those Eyeshades without immediately thinking Macho Man Randy Savage 

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