2009 RCS Holiday Gift Guide – Part Two

1. Moleskine Large Squared notebook: It’s always better to write things down.
2. Vintage Omega Seamaster: try Ebay.
3. Sid Mashburn tartan tie: I like the frayed edges.
4. Blackberry Tour 9630: Light, functional, and a ton of horsepower (RCS Recommended).
5. J. Press wool/mohair/cashmere 3/2 sack: It will never go out of style. Ever.
6. Trafalgar alligator belt: Wait until your mid-30s.
7. Alden tassel loafers in Cigar shell cordovan: Those that need to notice, will. Those that don’t notice, will be notified by the tassel ‘slap’ when you walk.
8. Parker Vector rollerball pen: Does all you need in a sturdy package.
9. Persol 2894V eyeglasses: The color is ‘Havana’.
10. Royal Dragoon socks from Smart Turnout: Dress it up a bit.
11. Macallan 12-year Scotch: Have one more…why not…
12. Ralph Lauren glen-plaid DOF glasses (set of 4): Not too expensive, but good enough for company.
13. Hartmann Slim Aviator Brief: The accessory you use more than any other – why not make it a nice one?
14. Gokey slippers: They look good worn at the end of crossed legs on an ottoman facing a fire enjoying #11 in a #12.


  1. L.A.S
    12/09/2009 / 2:34 AM

    My next purchase is a pair of tassel loafs…those Alden's are perfection.

  2. manifolddestiny
    12/09/2009 / 3:42 AM

    The tassels are gorgeous, and anything Sid Mashburn-affiliated is going to be good. Check out Field Notes for an American-made alternative to Moleskine.

  3. DAM
    12/09/2009 / 3:05 PM

    LAS: Figure out your size and again, go to ebay. Source of all great shoes at steep discounts.

    JRS: What's your rational for waiting till mid-30's for a gator belt?

  4. trip
    12/09/2009 / 3:54 PM

    Good collection you've put together here.

  5. Conor
    12/10/2009 / 5:37 AM

    I love this series you're doing JRS. Great stuff. Love Moleskines. I have way too many for how often I write. Just can't stop buying them.

  6. JRS
    12/10/2009 / 10:56 AM

    L.A.S – I'm addicted to tassels.

    manifold – I'll check out the Field Notes; I'm not familiar with them…

    DAM – My rational is mainly damage control…I would suspect it wouldn't handle 20's-early 30's debauchery. Also – Who Dat?

    Trip – thanks for the kind words. I've been seeing some good work on your blog as of late as well.

    Conor – Thanks, man.

  7. Conor
    12/10/2009 / 8:25 PM

    JRS: How do you do this kind of a collage? I've seen it in a few different places and just wondering what you do to get it like that.

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