2015 RCS Father’s Day Gift Guide

Isn’t it funny how most guys are pretty tough to buy for?  I’m usually asked to provide a list before birthdays and Christmas to just about every side of my family.  Quite frankly, I’m OK with that.  Dads fit into that category too, but Father’s Day isn’t the type of holiday where they are going to present a list…that’s where I come in.  I thought I’d provide a little help:

From top left:

1. Tickets to the ball game:  The best gift you can give your dad is time, and besides a round of golf, there isn’t much better than a day watching baseball.  A major league game is great, but a minor league game may be even better.  Extra mustard.
2. A Vintage Rolex Watch:  This may be a little excessive, but you know your old man would love it.  As much as you’d love giving it to him.
3. Orvis Titanium French Press:  French press coffee is synonymous with “manly” coffee.
4. State Traditions Traditional Coastline Shorts:  A new way to show a little state pride from the boys over in Birmingham.  These are a great addition to any dad’s wardrobe.  Good for the course, the lake, or a date with mom.
5. “Guide to Urban Moonshining” by Colin Spoelman and David Haskell:  Dads love hobbies.
6. Black Banks Oyster Knife from Sea Island Forge:  Your dad is probably responsible for teaching you how to eat an oyster, so return the favor.  This medieval-looking tool doubles as late-night protection.
7. Bushnell Tour v3 Laser Rangefinder:  Nothing like having a little help on the course.  Careful, though – once you start using one of these, it’s tough to go back.
8. Ledbury Gleeson Check Linen Shirt:  Linen is tough, as it takes a little upkeep.  If you are going to do it, get a shirt that fits well, not like a pair of Hammer pants.  Ledbury knows what they are doing, here.  Your dad will appreciate it.
9. Sid Mashburn Silk Matka Tie:  A great tie.  Not like anything else he has.  Watch him wear this one all the time.
10. A Great Bottle of Bourbon:  Either his favorite or one that comes highly recommended.  The RCS recommendation is Belle Meade.  Always.
11. J.W. Hulme American Heritage Bi-Fold Wallet:  Sort of a no-brainer, but there’s no excuse to carry a beat up wallet.  Broken in is preferred, and this one from J.W. Hulme will break in very nicely.  But know when to say when.
12. Spyderco Delica 4 Knife:  There’s always room for another knife.
13. Smathers & Branson Bourbon Needlepoint Belt:  It’s like a record of his ‘kills’.  Gives new meaning to ’99 bottles’.
14. Randolph Engineering Aviator II Sunglasses:  Dad deserves a good pair of shades…and these are on sale.  He’ll appreciate the economic model.


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