2017 RCS Gift Guide #3: Toga

Moving on to the third gift guide of the year: today we celebrate the iconic toga party.  A rite of passage for any fraternity man, and a great night for the sorority sisters as well, since they don’t have to think so hard about an outfit.  The theme was usually ‘fun’ for about 20 minutes, then the party would devolve into a heavy drinking affair, usually with a good band.

Inspired by a land far away, today’s gift guide focuses on gifts for the traveler.  This guy is anywhere from a once-a-year traveler to a road warrier, and these are gifts that are past the ‘beginners’ phase.  These are incremental travel gifts to help ensure that time away from home is more enjoyable:

From Top Left:

1. Carry On Cocktail Kit – Old Fashioned:  Because the 3 ounce limit doesn’t prohibit mini bottles…here’s a great carry on to spice it up a bit.  All you need is a (free) cup of ice.
2. Mark & Graham Leather Bi-Fold Picture Frame:  Whenever I travel, I always bring a picture of Mrs. RCS (and now another of #HJS).  I set it on my nightstand in the hotel, and it brings me comfort like nothing else.  This is a GREAT gift idea – go ahead and add a couple pictures to help ease that travel drag.
3. Luggage Tags:  Use these as a way to distinguish your luggage.  A cheeky message is always some nice icing.
4. LL Bean Ultralight 850 Down Jacket:  A great jacket to keep close when traveling.  It works as a layer of warmth, a makeshift blanket, or as a pillow.  What’s better?  It’s packable, so it doesn’t take up too much real estate.
5. Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones:  Bose seemed to lose a little ground to Beats and others these past few years, but came back strong with the 35s.  These are serious business.  Block out the bad, and let the good times roll.
6. Col. Littleton No. 2 Travel Passport Wallet:  In a world where receipts are important, this is a great way to keep track.  Not to mention that it’s an extremely handsome wallet that keeps all that needs keeping in one place.
7. Tumi Electric Grounded Travel Adapter:  You never know when you’ll need to adapt.
8. Randolph Engineering Sportsman Sunglasses:  Always have sunglasses.  I don’t like spending good money on bad shades, so I always try to buy something that is classic and has a warranty.  Randolph checks all the boxes.
9. Traveling Cap: It’s always a great idea to pack a hat when traveling.  I always carry a hat that has a story – where you’re from, where you’ve been…it’s a great way to start a conversation, or to avoid one.  Remember: it needs to be packable, so go unstructured.
10. A GREAT Fiction Book:  There is something about holding a book in your hands.  The feel and the smell help make a great experience.  Apologies to the Nooks of the world, but you can’t replace that feeling.
11. Leica Q (TPY 116) Camera:  Pictures are fun, and having a great camera to learn is a great way to document travels.  A good camera should challenge you and give your photography abilities a boost.  Remember: you are never over your head, you just have more to learn.
12. Blundstone Original 500 Boots:  So while I love the idea of dressing well while traveling, that doesn’t mean you need to travel in shell cordovan oxfords.  Instead, opt for footwear that is comfortable, stylish, and can be easily slipped off during cavity searches.  These Blundstones are just what the doctor ordered.
13. Jack Spade Nylon Travel Kit:  A good travel kit is a necessity for any traveler.  There are a million options, but nylon is nice because it can be washed.  Jack Spade knows what’s up here…
14. Col. Littleton No. 37 Satchel: American Buffalo:  Space is a premium during air travel, so a smaller bag is key.  The good news: most of the stuff we carry with us has gotten smaller as well.  A good leather bag like this should carry all you need for a cross-country flight, AND get some nods from those in the know.  Quality is a universal language.


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