My wife is a fisherman.  We both got into fly fishing a couple years ago, and absolutely love it.  She has the patience of Job, and usually brings home a couple nice fish from our trips.  We did the Orvis 101 and Orvis 201 classes a few years ago (which I can’t recommend enough – they are AWESOME), and it got us hooked (that’s a pun).  We love spending time in the outdoors together, and are looking forward to HJS fitting in a life jacket so we can take him and his Zebco 33 (which we already own) out to the lake.

I’ve seen a few articles that cite reports on how the involvement in hunting and fishing is on the decline.  This gives me pause, especially as a new dad.  My brother and I grew up outside.  Mom would kick us out of the house at 8AM, feed us lunch through the screen door, and expect us home when the sun set behind the pine trees.  We would do everything we could to occupy our time, and fishing was a BIG part of it.  Most of the kids in the the old neighborhood fished, and most of us still do.

In the future, I am looking forward to enjoying the outdoors with my son and future offspring, but for now, I enjoy it with my wife.  As I mentioned above she loves to be out on the water.  It’s nice to see Orvis make their push for a similar outcome.  Their 50/50 On the Water campaign is aimed at encouraging women to get into fly fishing.  I see it as natural evolution, and support their initiative 100%.  I know most of you readers are men, but I’d strongly encourage you and your better half/date/daughter/mom to take advantage of Orvis’ free Fly Fishing 101 and 201 classes.  Spend a little money and get her a fly fishing setup.  Take an afternoon and find a stream or a lake and see what happens.


There isn’t anything else in my life that clears my mind like fly fishing. Maybe it’s the order of proper form, the anticipation of a strike, or the sight of a bent rod that does it to me. I always feel like a better man with a clear head when I’m finished for the day. I hope you feel that way, and I hope you’ll look to share it 50/50.



  1. Tanner
    04/13/2018 / 8:05 AM

    My wife and I grew up fishing and both of us got into fly fishing a few years ago, mostly fishing in the upstate of SC and in western NC. The downside is is that she usually catches more fish than me making me look bad… We’ve done the Orvis 101 and 201 classes and can’t recommend them enough. Also, please consider joining Trout Unlimited if you haven’t already so our future generations can continue to enjoy fishing as well.

  2. Terry
    04/13/2018 / 10:25 AM

    The “patients” of Job” You must be kidding.

    • Matt
      04/13/2018 / 4:09 PM

      I seem to recall that Job was a doctor.

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