A Lot Of Before, and One After

There’s not much I love more than bringing something back to life.  In some cases, the result is better than new.  Depending on the investment, it’s always fun.  I’ve found myself looking for projects like this recently.  They are fun, and allow me to let my creative juices flow.  Here are a few items I’ve picked up recently:

First: Remember that brass buckle I got engraved for the Matthias Kaupermann belt?  Here is another one that I gave to my buddy Trip:

Second: I pulled the trigger on this Scotty Cameron Del Mar 3.5 from Ebay.  I got it for a steal, with the intent of getting it redone.  I’ve been introduced to a great outfit here in Atlanta called Putnam Putting.  They are going to restore this for me, and help to make it ‘mine’.  I’m super pumped about this.  After the positive experiences I’ve had with Cameron putter restorations, I’ll never buy a new Scotty.  Side note:  I’m a big fan of having two putters, especially as a weekend golfer.  That way if one cools off, I can unsheathe the other.

Third: I had to run down to Scott Antique Market yesterday morning to pick up a glider we had made for our nursery.  Mrs. RCS stayed home, so I bummed around for an hour or so before coming back to watch the last round of The Masters (more on that later).  I found a couple things that really hit the nail on the head.

Towards the back of the South building, there are about four rows of tables with a metric ton of ‘junk’. it’s a treasure hunters’ dream.  I always make a point to walk around, as I’ve found some cool stuff in the past.  Today, this old Swiss Army watch caught my eye.  It isn’t working, and it’s dirty, but for $3, I couldn’t pass it up.  I’ve admired these for years, but never owned one.  Now I do.  I’ll clean this up and get the battery changed…add a nato strap, and it’s a perfect weekend watch.

Lastly, I’m always on the lookout for sterling buckles.  I haven’t found the right one (although I’ve got my eye on this one).  Vintage buckles are cool, mainly because they are extremely unique, and usually have a random monogram.  I found this one at one of the twenty silver booths, and the nice lady made me an offer that I couldn’t pass up.  $40 seemed pretty reasonable for this buckle.  I like the hammered sterling and 14K gold inlay.  I’ll probably put a black strap on this and wear it as a dress belt, after getting it engraved.  Font TBD:

Extra credit:  Here is Trip’s buckle after a clean up, engraving, and leather strap.  Looks sharp, Trip!:

Pictures and stories coming after I make some progress…


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