A Note from Sid & Ann

When we started our business back in 2007, we couldn’t have known that the market was about to crash. But despite a truly terrible economic time, our business grew, and the thing we became proudest of was not the cool stuff we made or the stores we designed, but the people we were able to employ, and their families. We grew to 3… and then 7… and then 25… and now 140 people who work for us. We built a brand, yes, but it was a company first and foremost. It’s with the company of others that we’re able to do this, day after day. Together, we have a place to go to feel engaged and important and creative and helpful, whether that’s in our shops or in our warehouse or at our headquarters in Atlanta.

We shared a few days ago that we’ve had to temporarily close our shops due to the coronavirus. Our offices and warehouse are operating with a minimal crew, with most of the teams working from home. And with so much of our manufacturing done in Italy, our partners and suppliers are upside-down, too. This looks like it could last for a long time. Like so many other businesses small and large, we’re suddenly struggling. What we’re going through right now is affecting the health of so many… but also the livelihoods of so many. How can you work when what you provide is non-essential? People aren’t thinking so much about clothing right now, and ours could be considered a bit of a luxury. No one needs it… it just makes them feel awesome, and that’s what we’ve always been going for.

So right now, we need to have a sale. Something site wide, that applies to every single product we make, from classic white Icon Shirts to high-twist wool suits. 20% off, all of it. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know we don’t do usually do this. We run sales twice a year on seasonal merchandise, and once it’s over, it’s over. But these are serious times, and we need your support… all 140 of us. Pick up something nice for yourself, think about birthday presents you might need in a few months, or consider a gift card if you just can’t think about clothes. We cannot do what we do without you, and right now, that rings truer than ever.

Enjoy the silver linings of this strange time—spending more time with your kids, finishing the book you meant to read in 2018, picking up groceries for your elderly neighbors. We know that feeling awesome is a little harder these days, but maybe this 20% can be a silver lining, too.

Love & happiness & huge amounts of gratitude,

Sid, Ann, and all of us at MASHBURN



  1. Pete
    04/21/2020 / 12:37 PM

    The struggle is becoming real. Does the 20% off apply to gift cards?

  2. matt
    04/22/2020 / 10:43 AM

    they started this sale a month ago…

  3. R H
    04/22/2020 / 3:38 PM

    20% off is a Promotion, not a Sale. Let us know when they go to >40% off.

    • Taylor Johnson
      04/24/2020 / 10:48 PM

      Sid Mashburn is my favorite clothing store in the world. I’m a tennis pro so I don’t wear a ton of suits but I own literally every single pair of their polished up stand up shorts. I’m talking 12 pairs. I love that store and I’ll take a discount from them anyday. I know they’ve been calling it prevail but if they need money then I’ll spend it to help them out. They treat me well.

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