Allow Me To Introduce: Little Brown Dog Trading Co.

The Mrs. and I were enjoying Charleston one weekend, and when we stopped in Grady Ervin, I noticed a belt:

Having a lot of family connections to South Carolina, as well as being completely in love with Boykins, I was immediately hooked.  Little Brown Dog Southern Trade Company is a new company based out of Columbia by Ashley & Will Batson, and their Boykin Spaniel Scarlett.  I reached out, and had an outstanding conversation with the LBD team.  We are catching these folks early, as their goods are only available at retailers (don’t worry, ecommerce is coming).  Here is all you need to know:

What is the history of Little Brown Dog?  Little Brown Dog Southern Trade Co’s outdoor apparel first hit retail stores in 2013, when our first batch of custom-made t-shirts flew off shelves. Our story? Well, it started years ago. when we got a Boykin Spaniel, and life as we knew it changed.  Scarlett’s small size is misleading. Her enthusiastic and energetic nature is unlike any other dog we’ve met, to say the least. (Birds! Squirrels! Trees! Time for our morning walk!)

We had no idea just how much this lovable, little brown hunting dog would enrich our lives and help us appreciate the great outdoors even more. She’s the real inspiration behind the Little Brown Dog Brand and our celebration of fabulous outdoor living.

What is so special about the Boykin Spaniel?  Boykins are the most loyal companions and best family dogs, but they also assert their own independence. They are the perfect size (can fit in your lap) but also make wonderful retrieving and flushing dogs. That was the happy medium Will and I struck when we decided on the Boykin breed. They also happen to be the South Carolina State Dog and were bred for hunting in the southern swamps in small boats.
What type of person is a Little Brown Dog customer?  Everyone–but mostly people who appreciate southern culture and have a relaxed lifestyle. They love dogs, the outdoors, hunting/fishing, football, tailgating, the South…etc
What is the ideal weekend for the Little Brown Dog team?  Currently the past 4 weekends have involved taking Scarlett (and our lab Cheerio) out to the Dove Field to shoot doves, cooking out and watching football with our friends and enjoying this fabulous fall weather with our baby boy (6 months old). An ideal weekend usually involves spending time on our family farm and enjoying the outdoors with our dogs and family OR in Edisto on a boat fishing or going on a sunset cruise.
Clemson Tigers or South Carolina Gamecocks?  Clemson Tigers all the way (Ashley is a 2003 grad of Clemson) but we live in Columbia and have been known to enjoy a Carolina game or 2…
What’s coming from Little Brown Dog?  We are in the process of launching e-commerce and expanding our reach. The possibility of some LBD lifestyle events in Charleston, SC. Also new t-shirt and hat designs in the works!
What’s playing on your iPod?  Darius Rucker Radio on Pandora
Check out Little Brown Dog on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.  You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. C.L. Collier
    10/13/2014 / 9:10 AM

    We just put down a deposit on our first Boykin, Dubya. He is scheduled to come home in mid-November. A LBD collar is definitely on the wishlist!

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