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If you aren’t familiar with The Trad, give it a read. Subscribe now. The Trad was one of the main inspirations behind Red Clay Soul. Get on board… He does great work over there, and I always look forward to his posts.

Styleite recently did a two part interview with The Trad, both of which I found fascinating. The interview do include some historical information, which give a good description of what The Trad is all about. There are some other interesting questions asked on the current state of menswear – here is the jist:

“[…]how did we get into a position where so much of the menswear heritage of the past 75 years has been lost, more or less?”

“What you think it will take for these old-line retailers like Brooks Brothers and J. Press to wake up and realize that they can bring younger customers into the fold?”

“The recent popularity of Trad, classic American, preppy, Ivy…everyone has their own theory about where it’s coming from. What’s yours? Do you think it has a deeper meaning? Or is it just another fashion trend?”

The full interviews:

I’ll ask my readers – what do you think? What are your thoughts? I’ll post my thoughts later this week.

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