RCS Manual: New Year’s Eve

NEW YEAR’S EVE Saying goodbye AND hello in the same evening… It’s all about the right party after dinner at the right restaurant and a LOT of the right champagne.  The dress was chosen six months ago.  The tuxedo is 40 years old and still kicking.  The hangover is going… View Post

Upland Chic, with Britt Longoria

Ladies: I have a treat for you today.  As most of you readers know, Mrs. RCS and I enjoy upland hunting together.  We typically do one or two a year as an overnight ‘date’.  Last year we had the pleasure of expeiencing Rio Piedra, and we have a few more… View Post

Update: Dad Style F/W 21-22

Hey guys.  How’s everyone holding up from Christmas? One of my favorite things about this blog and our little universe is the Ask Me Anything sessions over on Instagram.  Not only do you folks ask some GREAT questions, but it’s a good barometer of what’s going on in the general… View Post

The Christmas Menu?

There was quite a bit of talk around Thanksgiving about how tired folks are of the traditional turkey/dressing/casserole routine. “There’s a reason we only eat it once a year”. I heard that a lot.  I tend to agree. Catering has become popular, and we are guilty here at our fort. … View Post
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