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Back when Mrs. RCS was pregnant, we had a weekly standing date on Sunday morning where we would go grab breakfast.  There are a few good breakfast places close to our house, and we took full advantage.  I always looked forward to these dates…we’d eat well, then head out to tackle our weekly errands.

One Sunday morning we stopped by the Waffle House (yep), and noticed a couple with a baby a few booths over.  They both looked like they were still wearing their pajamas.  Think oversized sweatshirts, flannel pants, UGG boots/slippers, and hats.  I am usually not one to judge, but as someone who takes their personal style personally, I made a mental note to never leave the house looking like that.

Fast forward to today, and we have a super cool little dude who loves to hit the road with us.  He’s a trooper; he comes everywhere with us, including breakfast dates.  While those dates have become a little less frequent, I haven’t forgotten that image.  Over the past six months, I’ve figured out how to rock a dad style that works.  I’m not talking about daily wear, but more for after work and on the weekends.

In terms of style, my experience has taught me a couple things.  First, everything should be washable.  Second, invest in Oxyclean spray.  You’ll use it all the time.  Third, you become an extension of a burp cloth.  Lastly, you can still look put together and handle your business.  Here’s what I recommend:


HATS: For those non-showered mornings

1. Pusherman Hat from Flood Tide Co:  A cool twill hat that works in every situation.
2. Trucker Hat from Orvis:  A trucker hat that says ‘I’m a cool dad’, and I’m raising a ‘cool kid’.
3. Masters Hat:  A white hat is pretty dressy and typically goes with everything.  Whether it’s The Masters or your club, always have one handy.

OUTERWEAR:  What to look for: washable, layering pieces, lots of pockets, good fit.

1. Kuhl Spyfire Jacket:  You’ll need some sort of warmth at some point, and this is a great layering piece.  Easily washable and very functional.  Kuhl stuff is great.
2. LL Bean AirLight Knit Pullover:  Basically a replacement for a sweatshirt.  It’ll work over the shirts below and look good.
3. Orvis Sweater Vest:  We’ve talked about the sweater vest before, and here is the perfect opportunity

SHIRTS: Sleeves double as burp cloths, so natural fibers, must-iron button ups, and good fit.

1 Brooks Brothers Must Iron Oxford Shirt(s):  I’m including this one from Brooks Brothers for a couple reasons:  first, they make the best must-iron oxford cloth.  Second, there are a ton available at Goodwill.  I have three or four that I rotate.  Wash, lightly dry (5-minutes) then hang to dry and you’ll be in business.
2. Beau Outfitters Long Sleeve T-shirt:  I wear long-sleeve t-shirts ALL THE TIME.  The sleeves are extremely utilitarian.
3. Old Glory Long Sleeve T-shirt:  Again, I wear long-sleeve t-shirts ALL THE TIME.

PANTS: Look for pants that wash easily, and don’t need to be ironed.

1. Edgevale Cast Iron Pants:  Hardcore canvas pants that you can beat the sh!t out of…doing a lot of playing on the floor and chasing the little one around, so pants that can take a beating are a necessity.
2. Levi’s 501s:  Goes without saying…a good pair of jeans can take it, just ensure that the denim is pre-washed so they don’t bleed indigo all over everything.
3. Columbia Royce Peak Pants:  I’m going to get some crap for including these, but I have a pair and I wear them often in place of sweatpants.  They wash well and are really comfortable.

1. Onward Reserve Lace Drivers: A good option to dress up an outfit if you head out to dinner or the park and don’t want to look like a pledge.
2. New Balance 1300s:  For when you want to look like a pledge, or when there’s going to be a lot of stroller pushing/Bjorn wearing.
3. LL Bean Hand sewn Slippers:  House shoes are extremely important after having a kid.  Just know that they are going to be beat up, so plan on replacing every year.

The vast majority of these choices can be mixed and matched and you’ll look great in 80-90% of situations.  I encourage you to find your own dad style… and promise that if you stick to these principles, you’ll look great.

Anything I missed?



  1. Bill
    02/07/2018 / 7:43 AM

    Great post!  Every weekend I wear something very similar…long sleeve T, Patagonia zip up vest, pair of chinos or jeans, a baseball cap and boat shoes.  My wife calls it my uniform.

  2. Tanner
    02/07/2018 / 7:55 AM

    With our baby I’ve learned that vests are key. I always wear one over a long sleeve t shirt or button down while we are out with our little one so that if he spits up, I just have to take it off but still have a nice shirt on.

  3. Nem
    02/07/2018 / 10:42 AM

    Champion sweatshirts with your college team, preferably from your college years, is a must here too.  I used/still use weekends and evenings for breaking in jeans, shoes or anything else that needs some patina before coming off the bench for regular wear.  My girls are 21 and 18, so any spills are my own fault!!

  4. Chris
    02/07/2018 / 1:39 PM

    I like mountain khaki pants. You get the extra pocket that is hidden and they are comfortable and durable. 

  5. Brett
    02/10/2018 / 10:37 AM

    Complete agree about the Kuhl products.  I used to wear Mountain Khaki but switched to the Kuhl Rydr pants.

  6. MSM
    02/11/2018 / 7:36 PM

    What do I win for being the first jackass to break your balls about the typo on the cover image?

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