Dear Santa…My Christmas List

The gift guides are done, and today is pretty much the last day to get anything shipped if you need it on Santa’s sled before Christmas.  Check out the gift guides – if you think I missed anything, let me know.  Mrs. RCS did her gift guide via Instagram – check it out here in ‘Stories’.

A lot of you have asked, so here is what’s on my Christmas list…a lot of it won’t come, and that’s fine, but we’ve reached a point in our lives where Christmas gifts are few and far between.  Not to get too sentimental, but Christmas is more about the kids…between our boy and my niece, I can’t wait to see them enjoy wrapping paper and empty boxes on Christmas morning.  However, I’ve been a good boy this year (on a sliding scale).  This is what I texted Santa:

Browning Sweet 16 Belgian Made Shotgun – I first saw one of these when I was visiting Martin Dingman out in Missouri a few years ago, and haven’t forgotten about it.  I love the idea of having a vintage shotgun that becomes a family heirloom.  The Belgian-made (restored) versions of these Brownings are a good price point for such an important gun.  I’d call this my Dove Buster.

Ball and Buck Camo Blind Bag – “Honey – you need another bag like you need another hole in your head’ – my better half.  I know, but I’m a sucker for old-school camo.  And I’m a Ball and Buck fanboy.  I know the camo version is sold out, but I have faith that there are one or two 0f these out there somewhere…and if anyone can find one, Santa can.  Perfect size for any hunting activity, from duck hunting, deer stands, quail buggies, or an overnighter.  This could qualify as #lodgewear as well (more to come…).

Mach 3 Razor Blades – I absolutely hate buying these.  I have it on good authority that Santa buys in bulk.

RM Williams Comfort Turnout Boots – I think Chelsea boots are about as cool as it get.  They make a normal outfit look like a Corvette.  RM Williams has set the standard for Chelseas, but I like these for a couple of reasons: first, they are ‘turnout’ leather, which means they have a sueded look.  Second, they have rubber soles, so I don’t have to be as conscious about wearing them outside when it’s wet (vs. the normal leather dress soles).  …and we know how cool these will look after a year of wear.

Ariat Boot Socks – When I do wear socks, I wear A LOT of sock.  Well, I do wear some dress socks.  I prefer them to go over the calf.  Ariat makes some really good ones.  Let’s not think too hard on this one.  A 3-pack should be fine for the year.

What’s on your list?

P L E A S E    S U P P O R T    O U R    P A R T N E R S :



  1. Kevin
    12/18/2018 / 7:58 AM

    Just so you are aware: In the RM Williams boots nomenclature turnout does not refer to the type of leather, but to the cut of the toe box. The turnout style has a round toe box as opposed to the classic square toe box of the regular RM Williams boot. Comfort means a rubber rather than leather sole. The comfort turnout boot is available in both leather and suede. I’d recommend buying direct from Australia also rather than the linked site as you’ll save about $200. Love your site, but wanted to clear that up.

    • JRS
      12/18/2018 / 4:05 PM

      The Australia option is legit.  Take note.

  2. PLF3
    12/18/2018 / 8:44 AM

    Agree batteries and blades make the best stocking stuffers. My mother in law very much dislikes the lack of fun and originality, which adds to the satisfaction. No booze? 

    • JRS
      12/18/2018 / 4:05 PM

      Yes, booze is notoriously missing…my liquor cabinet is pretty good, but I could use some good wine…thanks for the reminder.

  3. JMR
    12/18/2018 / 9:19 AM

    I find this list woefully deficient in booze, Lego sets and vinyl. 😉

    • JRS
      12/18/2018 / 4:06 PM

      Have you seen the James Bond lego sets?  Incredible…

  4. SB
    12/18/2018 / 2:45 PM

    Time to switch to a double edge safety razor and say good bye to over priced blades. 100 American made blades for $15. Get a good handle and shaving brush and your good for a lifetime. 

    • JRS
      12/18/2018 / 4:06 PM

      I would, but then my wife wouldn’t have a razor to steal…

      • OhioHead
        12/19/2018 / 2:00 PM

        I think back in the day ladies used a DE Safety to shave as well ;)……all the money shaved 😉 can got gifts to the significant other!

  5. CDS
    12/19/2018 / 8:56 AM

    Great list, Dollar Shave Club man.

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