Dressed for a Big Night

Being a bit of a movie buff, I usually get a kick out of watching the Oscars. The event is usually bland, but it’s nice to see the actors acting as the human versions of themselves, as well as interacting with their colleagues. I thought all the women looked great. They always do. A Gentleman would never say otherwise.
In terms of the men, I noticed two things:
1. There was a noticeable absence of ‘fun/wacky/colorful/statement’ additions to what should be a pretty standard wardrobe. This is a good thing.
2. There was a noticeable presence of extremely well dressed men. Is it hard to mess up a Tuxedo? No. Did it seem that most men really took the time to go the extra mile this year? Yes. And this is a good thing. I saw some very tailored, classic looks – complete with pocket squares, no pulling at the button, pants tailored to the proper length, and proper sleeve length.

Chris Pine in Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Tom Ford in Tom Ford

The Dude abides.
I really like the trend of men paying more attention to how they look and what they wear. It’s a good trend that I hope doesn’t fade. What I’d like to see next? The white dinner jacket:

Bond. James Bond.
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  1. RHW
    03/09/2010 / 2:01 PM

    And I spotted more hand-tied bow ties than the pre-tied variety. My father taught me to tie my own bow ties at a fairly young age saying "son, tie it and leave it alone…you'll understand why when a pretty girl comes up to straighten it for you." He was right.

  2. James
    03/09/2010 / 10:00 PM

    I was very impressed with the way "hollywood" males seemed to have cleaned themselves up. And oh RHW your father was a very wise man!

  3. DAM
    03/12/2010 / 2:20 PM

    And now, if only they would shave….

  4. 10/27/2011 / 11:14 AM

    i like this love u

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