Duck Head – The Rebirth of the Legend

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Duck Head.  I’ve posted about the nostalgia on more than one occasion.  I can remember my mother bringing my brother and me to Uptons before school started so we could load up on Duck Head pants and shorts.  Mine were usually handed down to my brother, but he always got a new pair or two for church.

Everyone has a Duck Head story – the brand is synonomous with the South.  It’s hard to forget the yellow patch logo above the right pocket, as well as the ‘Duck Head/Duck Tail’ t-shirt that everyone had.  The brand has been around since 1865, when two Nashville native brothers started making pants and coveralls out of surplus Army tent material – known as duck.  These pants were responsible for the early success of Duck Head – and allowed continued success for the O’Bryan brothers.  They were the largest supplier of military uniforms during WWII.  Hank Williams wore Duck Heads during his days at the Grand Ole Opry.

Duck Head fell of the map for a bit, hence some of the nostalgic posts.  Here’s the good news – in April of 2011, Duck Head was born again.  The brand was brought back to Nashville, TN – where it all began – headed up by good folks with legacy Duck Head experience.  The company is focusing on getting the word out, as well as availability – currently available on Belk’s ecommerce site, at JC Penney’s, as well as men’s stores along the SEC footprint (Martins in Alabama, Five Mile in Athens, etc…).  You’ll also see them tailgating at  Titans games as well as Vandy games in Nashville, and UT games in Knoxville.  They are active on Facebook, and their online store is always open.  They have big plans that should satisfy SEC fans quite a bit…more to come on that.

So where does Duck Head fit into a man’s wardrobe?  It’s hard to beat a $30 pair of khakis.  For that price – I could find quite a few places…  You can’t beat the logo as well – that yellow patch logo is a nod to other Southern Gentlemen who are in the know.  They have a classic fit, so they aren’t too baggy, and not too trim.  Just right.

Nashville, TN, 1865, Hank Williams, SEC footprint…  That’s about as Southern as it gets.



  1. 11/25/2011 / 12:21 PM

    Duck Head khakis get a great patina – washer/dryer wear that looks great, and they get softer with age. Used to find DH all the time here in FL – Stein Mart used to sell them years ago – the polo shirts were great – but haven’t come across any in awhile. Great post!

  2. Hilton
    11/25/2011 / 1:01 PM

    I searched for them on the JC Penney’s website, but didn’t find them. Thanks for the post, sir.

  3. 11/25/2011 / 5:30 PM

    Been looking at these for a couple days now. Pulled the trigger on a pair of Olive Khakis and Athietic Grey Crew Neck Sweatshirt, perfect for lounging around the house or at the lake. Black Friday deal means I get a free DH Cap thrown in!

    • Pete
      10/03/2021 / 7:09 PM

      100$ sticker shock

  4. Casey
    11/25/2011 / 6:41 PM

    Love this company. Lots of memories of wear duck head as a kid on Sunday mornings, and NOT hating it. Have not worn it in quite some time, so I am very excited for my order to come in.

    Clothes are half priced today, and I also used the promo code ‘clay Travis’ and got another 25% off my order of $100. An absolute steal.

  5. Stephen B
    11/27/2011 / 12:36 PM

    There’s a new billboard for Duck Head in Nashville when you cross over Harding Road to West End Ave. Hope this spells a full scale comeback.

  6. Matt
    11/28/2011 / 1:35 AM

    I’ve just started getting into buying quality clothes for myself and always love hearing about new quality brands like these to look into.

    I own a pair of JD shorts and really enjoy them and I’m looking to invest into a quality pair of khakis as well. I have to ask, how do Duck Head khaki pants compare with Jack Donnelly khaki pants?

  7. Danny Fahey
    05/01/2013 / 4:36 PM

    Where can I find DuckHead khakis? I live outside Greenville, SC. Thank you.

  8. 1Ronald
    10/26/2016 / 10:58 AM

    Duckhead keeps coming and going. Keeps getting sold to another and another and another. Goody’s bought the company to sell Duckhead in their 322 stores and kept them out of A & N who sold them for years. Then the Richmond VA owner of the defunct A&N bought the marque. And let a Tennesee marketer do the brand and product. They did a great job and had tons of Duckhead merchandise available on their site and great prices. And were real nice people to speak with and do business with. But the Richmond VA owner of the Duckhead marque didn’t like the Tennessee folks. And took Duckhead away from them. Then sold it to folks who used to work for Ralph Lauren. Yes, THAT Ralph Lauren. So Duckhead returned. But with Ralph Lauren polo prices. And now made in America with prices that scalped the customer because of made in America wages and made in America profiteering. Now, when Duckhead was outsourced to China, China provided a 100% cotton quality product at down to earth prices. So everyone who loved Duckhead, and especially college dudes and chicks, could afford the quality product. Now monetary greed has shoved Duckhead into an elite corner that is not Duckhead, has never been Duckhead, and never will be Duckhead. Wait for another change in owners in the years to come. Now, if Ross had let the Tennessee folks do their thing, we would all now be happy. So sad. Too bad.

  9. Bill
    09/01/2018 / 11:01 AM

    I just got my classic Duck Head delivery and they are even better than I hoped!

    Great fit, classic but understated label and great quality.
    I’m back after 30 years as a customer and I’ll be ordering shorts next.
    The DH sticker just went on my Yeti!

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