Fall Golf Style

I don’t care that the weather is turning.  I’m still a morning golf guy.  I love teeing off around 7AM and chasing the mowers.   For me, it’s great to get the round in, and then have all afternoon to reflect on how poorly I played.  Morning golf cuts down on my on-course drinking, and forces me to be more focused.

Since we are in that finicky time of year when mornings are ~50 and afternoons creep up to ~75, it’s all about layers.  Luckily, the good golf brands have figured out that we don’t need bulk to keep warm. Instead, the good brands are offering a bunch of layers that can be shed as the mercury rises.  What’s even better: most of the gear works off the course as well.  I always think about that when shopping for golf-specific stuff: make sure it works at the office, out on a date, or in some other situation that doesn’t involve 3-putts.

That said, here’s how I do Fall golf:

From top left:

1. Holderness & Bourne Robbins Quarter Zip:  This time of year, it’s all about layers.  Your teeth may be chattering on the first hole, but you’ll be sweating mid-way through the back side.  A substantial quarter zip not only looks great, but it protects you from those early-morning elements.
2. Holderness & Bourne Herron Golf Shirt:  The best golf shirts on the planet.  The Herrons are mostly cotton, but with just enough stretch that it doesn’t interfere with you going for the green in two.
3. Aviate ATL Hat:  I retire a lot of my white hats for darker hats in the cooler months.  I don’t know why, it’s just how I’m wired.  That said, my first Aviate hat was the navy blue ATL, and it’s still my favorite.  Keep your logos to a minimum and pick a hat with a different flavor.
4. Peter Millar Double Zip Sweater Vest:  Again: layers.  You may not need sleeves by the sixth or seventh hole, but keep your core warm with a cool vest.  Just make sure it’s not big and bulky.  Go for stealth.
5. La Matera Onda Belt: My favorite item from La Matera, hands down.  Great with jeans, loafers and an oxford, as well as on the golf course.
6. Ray Ban Tortoise Wayfarer Sunglasses:  No brainer.
7. Antique Fox Flask:  The coolest flasks are the ones that tell a story.  Antique flasks make the best gifts, as well.  Sure the new ones are cool, but they’ll be in the back of a drawer are you use it once.  This will come in handy when switching from the fruit-friendly Transfusions to the cool weather-friendly dark liquor.
8. Onward Reserve 5-Pocket Pants: While I’m usually anti-stretch anything, I’ll give these a pass, especially on the golf course.  Onward’s 5-pockets are great for walking 18, as they are just a touch wider than some other 5-pockets (you aren’t playing on the European tour), and the color choices are great for this time of year.
9. Kentwool Tour Standard Socks:  There’s nothing worse the cold feet.  Prepare accordingly with some good wool socks.  They’ll keep your stems warm, as well as provide a little extra cushion.
10. G/FORE Golf Glove:  Hands down the best golf glove on the market.
11. Ecco Cage Pro Golf Shoes:  I have the white ones, and want the brown ones.  They are by far the most comfortable walkers I’ve worn, and they don’t look like something you’d see from Vision Street Wear.
12. Hudson Sutler X Criquet Wayfarer Duffle:  If you’ve got to pack it all in for the round, pack it right.


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