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Isn’t it funny how we stumble across stuff on the Internet?  Doing a random Instagram scroll, I came across Locksicker, a mens denim company based in New England.  I did a little digging, and was really blown away at not only their products, but their approach as well.

Not only do they make some great looking selvedge denim jeans, but they incorporate a little spirituality into their line.  Their jeans are 100% made in the USA, and have a great price point for a 13.5 oz pair of selvedge jeans ($165).  I haven’t had the pleasure of getting my hands on a pair (yet), but I’m excited to review a pair for you.

Beyond the standard selvedge jeans, they offer a lighter weight summer pair of selvedge jeans, plenty of accessories, including a needlepoint belt, and excellent sterling and gold jewelry for the ladies.  It’s a very nice, complete line.  I reached out to Hugh Douglas, the founder of the Locksicker, to get the back story.

And a good story it is…enjoy:

What is the history of Locksicker?  The idea of Locksicker came to me about 4 years ago as I was riding my bike, which I tried to do daily. I find my mind frees up and great ideas and designs come to me while I’m exercising. With the economy still in a bad place, Molly and I created Lock Sicker in 2011 with a focus of bringing made in the USA premium jeans and accessories to the marketplace. The founding premise was that by manifesting jobs for a pattern maker, denim manufacturer, leather maker, tool and die maker, silversmith, label maker, sewers, creative design consultant, web designer and programmer, we would eventually create paying jobs for ourselves.

The first year of any startup is critical in its likelihood of success and we were in for a tough 1st year. About 8 months in, just when our motivational energies and drive were running on all cylinders, I suffered a heart attack. This not only delayed our roll out, but it also took its toll emotionally and financially. With that well behind us now, we are back on the right track creating great fashion lifestyle products.

What does “Locksicker” mean, and what is the story with your logo?  Locksicker’s strong brand identity is drawn from important elements of my life. For example, I was born in Glasgow, Scotland; hence the company name Lock Sicker, which derives from a Gaelic phrase meaning Be Sure. The company’s logo, the boar chained to an oak, is my family’s crest. The rest of the unique design elements were influenced by the time I spent living in Hatiti in the early 1960’s. The majority of the population practices Vodoo, a religion based on the comingling of West African Arawakian and Catholic traditions. The custom-made jean button, and sterling silver and 14k gold accessories are based on the veve (symbol) for Papa Legba, a Haitian Vodoo Iwa (god). Papa Legba is the gatekeeper between the material and spiritual worlds, and is equated by some with Saint Peter in Christianity. He is also the key Iwa that is associated with fertility, so it is advised that care is used, with a button so close to your ______ .

What is the philosophy of Locksicker?  Locksicker’s philosophy is to bring our strong sense of style to the marketplace through unique well made products that will stand the test of time. We want to create an aspirational brand of lifestyle products that rivals any of today’s fashion companies. Granted, no easy task, but we feel Locksicker has the potential of being that company.

What kind of guy is a Locksicker customer? The Locksicker customer demographic is 20’s and up. He is confident in himself and his fashion sense. He is willing to take fashion risks and is usually successful in his fashion endevor. He is perceived by the world around him as cool, hip, well turned out etc. A fashion sense should come naturally and easy, not overly planned, structured, contrived or matchie matchie. You usual can tell whether individual feels comfortable with his look or not. We do have several women’s products mostly in our sterling silver and 14k gold accessories line. That said, we have also had women buy our jeans, particularly the white Sickers and cut them off, for a great summer look.

What makes your jeans unique?  Our raw denim jeans, aka Sickers, are 100% made in the USA. We have collaborated with manufacturers in RI, KY, NC, SC, TN, OH, and CA in order to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality jean possible. Our Sickers are unique in the following ways; We use Cone 1968 raw sanforized denim. The denim is unique in that it is still made on the old 30” looms, which adds a small number of unique imperfections. The large button is crafted and finished in small runs, with a unique shape and Papa Legba symbol. The small buttons have the Papa Legba symbol on them and are made for us by YKK. There is a small brown and green lettered tag on the front pocket with USA and LSD (Lock Sicker Denim) on it. The rear pockets have a stylized LS on them and the lower inside of the pockets are lined with Destroyer duck fabric. This helps in eliminating excessive blowout but still allows great fading wear. We have sizes 28”, 29”, 30”, 31’, 32”, 33”, and 34”-38”. All come in 35” lengths and are provided with a spool of thread used in the manufacture so your tailor can hem them, we don’t want your newly hemmed Sickers to look like your mother did it with the best matched tread she had in her sewing box.

If taken care of properly, your Sicker’s will bring you years of wearing pleasure, slowly but surely becoming the most comfortable pair of pants you own. Your Sicker’s will conform to YOUR body and show wear and tear in the places that are unique to YOU, unlike other jeans that have been over-laundered and treated with chemicals in order to create that generic “worn” look. Pre-washed/ripped jeans are manufactured to simply IMITATE life, while Sickers are made to accompany you on life’s journey, recording each wrinkle, fray, tear, fade and wear mark. Oh, having Papa Legba looking out for you as you travel through this material world is just a bonus.

Locksicker is not just a jean maker. We have great wearable’s such as Papa Legba needlepoint belts which brings a bit of Newport prep to any man’s wardrobe, six panel caps, t-shirts, bandanas to name a few. We have also designed a unique sterling silver and 14k gold accessory line, which includes leather/sterling bracelet, pocket clip, money clip, cufflinks, pierced earnings for the ladies etc.

How would you describe the fit(s)? Our Cone 1968 13.5oz and Milky Way 9.25oz straight leg Sickers are a relaxed fit not to skinny and not to baggy. We are developing a slim fit Sicker as we speak.

Who are your fashion inspirations?  My early fashion inspirations were my parents. My mother was always very chic in her dress and my father was somewhat a dandy. I remember magazines like Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and M lying around the house, as well as fond memories of my father taking me on his bi-annual trips to his favorite men’s Clothiers such as Brooks Brothers NYC and Georgetown University Shop in DC to refresh his wardrobe for the season.

Molly’s fashion sense and experience came from her modeling career, which started in NYC during her senior at University and lasted 6 years. She brings real world fashion experience to Locksicker.

What do you and Molly like to do outside of Locksicker? I have several hobbies that keep me sane. I like anything with 2 wheels, bicycles, motorcycles (BMW), B&W photography (Leica), and stamp collecting (UN). I have been riding bicycles since about 1974. I raced bikes for a while and have acquired over the years small collection of race bikes, Knight 1974, Richard Sachs 1976 and Seven 2002. My other passion is motorcycles. I have a 1974 BMW 75/5 short café style bike. I also have a 2014 BMW F800 GSA bike, which I took on a solo trip last Sept. from RI to Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador (Trans Labrador Highway), Quebec, New Brunswick and back to RI . It was a 3400 mile, 4 ferry, 7.5 day rainy adventure though some tough muddy road conditions. We are all challenged mentally all the time, but it is adventure like this that challenges you both mentally and physically at the same time, and trust me its well worth it.

Molly is a new mother with a 5 month old baby boy, so she is on maternity leave at this moment. She is loving motherhood and can’t wait to get Johnny in his first pair of Sickers. Her passion is animals particularly dogs. She has worked at Potter League for Animals in Middletown, RI, as an adoption counselor, and has volunteered at numerous animal shelters in NYC, DC and LA.

What is on your Spotify playlist? Being a product of the 60’s, and 70’s, I find my iPhone playlist reflects that era, like Beatle, Stones, Dylan, Buffolo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, Spirt, Crosby Nash, Cream, Traffic, Jethro Tull, Blind Faith, etc. Molly has a mix of 90’s folk rock and currently quite a bit of Disney classic and Raffi for Johnny.

Locksicker jeans and accessories can be purchased from their website. They are currently working with several stores to get their line on their shelves.


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