His/Hers : Fall Transitions – Out on the Town

Fall is here.  The days are still long, but with fall comes that evening chill.  When you get out on the town, you have to be prepared for anything.  Dinner plans only start the evening, and there’s no telling where you’ll end up.  Dress accordingly:

For Him:

From top left:

1. Lumina Casual Poplin Shirt:  A great fit – not too skinny and not boxy.  A good fall grey that will match everything.
2. Panerai Black Seal:  Bad to the bone.  The best part about Panerai is that only 1% knows what they are looking at.  The rest will start asking questions.
3. Breath Mints:  If I have to give a reason for this, then I’m clearly not doing my job.
4. Ledbury Grey Huxley Sport Coat:  Fall is time to bring out the lightweight wool jackets.  Drape it over a stool if it’s too warm.  Offer it to her on the way to the car.
5. Jack Spade Swedish Camo Vertical Flap Wallet:  Considering that this Fall is leaning towards more muted colors, add a little punch with your wallet.
6. Levi’s 1954 501 Selvedge Denim Jeans:  Wear these every day for a month before you soak them.  Then they’ll fit like a second skin…just the way the good Lord intended.
7. Randolph Engineering Aviators:  Long days = sunshine until about 7.  Bring your windshields.
8. Martin Dingman Theo Belt:  Why go regular when you can show off an exotic skin?  Wear with a grin.
9. Smart Turnout Royal Welsh Socks:  If you have to wear socks, wear good ones.
10. Helm ‘Sam Original’ Boots:  Something a little different.  Brown boots and a grey sport coat is about as good as it gets.  Now is the time to break out the heavy artillery.

Hers coming tomorrow…



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