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Excellent (tongue-in-cheek) humor. Some highlights:
“How to Buy an Island” – page 141 of The Filthy Rich Handbook

Roll Out the Barrells – Kegging Kept Dignified” – page 50-51 of Tipsy In Madras
“Walkin’ Tall – The Anatomy of the Boot” – pages 174-179 of The Genuine Texas Handbook

The The Official Preppy Handbook has been blogged about at length. It’s a great book – I’d recommend it to anyone. I particularly enjoy Chapter 3 – “The Best Years of Your Life – The College Years”.


  1. L.A.S
    10/19/2009 / 3:10 AM

    I'm obviously familiar with TOPH, but these others should be fun reads. Thanks JRS.

  2. Dale P.L. Chadwick
    10/19/2009 / 2:27 PM

    Tipsy was the sequel to TOPH if I'm correct – I might want to look into that…

    I don't know how my Northern suite mates would feel if I brought in more stuff from the South though (in reference to TGTH – I think my roommate's 5×3 Texas flag and my flag is enough for the Yanks…)

  3. trip
    10/19/2009 / 3:29 PM


    I'm not sure I would qualify "Tipsy in Madras" as a sequel; perhaps more of a supplement "in the spirit of".

    I simply can't believe how much those books are selling for on Amazon. Currently the cheapest is $59; I find that pretty amusing since I picked up my copy at an outlet mall bookstore for $6 or something.

  4. Conor
    10/20/2009 / 1:15 AM

    I've actually never read any of those (should probably have my TC membership revoked for not having read TOPH), but I did read "The Unexpurgated Code" on the advice of Sartre and it is absolutely hilarious. I highly recommend it.

  5. Brian
    10/20/2009 / 2:38 AM

    The best part about Tipsy in Madras is the activity suggestion to go with each drink. Seem to remeber the drink of choice when playing wiffle ball was the G&T

  6. DAM
    10/20/2009 / 1:57 PM

    These are great – haven't seen the Texas book the rest are hysterical.

    BTW: Check out lands end for the down vest – their under $25 and great quality.

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