It’s Time: Order Your Russells

What’s the old saying?  Good things come to those that wait?  Well, in the case of Russell Moccasin boots, that is the case.  Consider this post a bit of a public service announcement.  In Georgia, dove and deer season open in September, and Quail season kicks off in November (although a lot of plantations will let you hunt in October).  Here we are in May, which is roughly five months away.

As you all know, Russell Moccasin makes some of the best custom boots on the planet, which do require a lead time.  I just spoke with Sue at Russell, and she confirmed that we are looking at a 16-18 week delivery time for custom boots.  Doing the math on that puts them at your doorstep in late August (if you order them this week).  Thinking about pulling the trigger?  The measuring process is actually really easy (see how to do it here).  It’s a buy it once, buy it for life type of deal.  You can pick any type of leather and combination you can think of, and Russell is extremely helpful in the process.  You won’t regret it.

Looking for more encouragement?  Here are my favorites:

Starting above, the special edition South 40 Bird Shooter in waxy nubuck leather…very cook for the laces kind of guy.  I really like the lighter leather, as it will patina very well over the years.

Below, the Double Moccasin Zephyr boots are by far and away the most popular boots in Georgia.  Perfect for any type of bird hunting in the Peach State.  According to Sue: “they are perfect for chasing birds, or for simply taking your dog for a walk”.  I couldn’t agree more:

The South 40 Bird Shooter: An extremely versatile boot for the bird hunter, for the guy that likes lacing up.  I seriously dig the off-white sole.

The Cavalier Crossover – essentially the same boot as the Double Moccasin Zephyr, but with no zipper.  I’ve got a pair of these on the way, and I can’t wait to get them.

Are you a Russell Moccasin wearer?  What’s your favorite boots?  Send me a pic of yours to jrs @ redclaysoul dot com and I’ll feature them here.

May 16th Update:

“Safari PH boots on South GA quail hunt”


“They’re not boots, but Russell also makes tremendous shoes and Mocs.  These are the country oxfords.  French veal leather with green trim.  Worth the price and worth the wait.” – John Matthews


Very old snake boots off at Russell getting fixed up…  Luke @ Kingfisher Leatherworks


South 40 Bird Shooters from @american_fieldsports

Got a pair you want to show off?  Send it on over and I’ll update the post.


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  1. Nem
    05/11/2018 / 8:30 AM

    I confirm the made-to-measure boot options are awesome, and worth every nickel.  I’ll add that the Birdshooter, Zephyr, and other tall field boots aren’t the only choices for southern zone bird shooting or field use.  The PH models, high and low, are ideal.  Those tall lace-ups and field boots aren’t the best for avoiding snake bites anyway…go with a legit snake proof if that’s your goal.  Lastly, there are some frequent ready-made options if, like me, you have an easily fit standard sized hoof. 

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