Madras Explosion

I don’t hide my love for madras.  I celebrate it.  I have a collection that is constantly being tuned.  I wear the soft, bleeding fabric as much as possible.  It’s a great time of year to pull it out, folks – enjoy.  While I’m pretty burnt on the ‘patchwork’ madras stuff, I think the traditional bleeding plaid designs are the way to go.  And always get Indian madras (Indian = made in India).

Wash them like you would something delicate – light soap and hang dry.  Touch it up with an iron, but not too stiff…the beauty of madras is it’s softness.  A little wrinkle is OK, but not wadded.

Looking for some good options to add to your collection?  Here you go:

1. J. Crew Havana Blue Plaid Shirt:  A long sleeve option – dress it up with navy pants/shorts and roll up the sleeves as needed.
2. Gant Rugger Madras Shorts:  Any plaid shorts are touchy, so let these be your statement piece.  Put a white polo on top.
3. Gitman Vintage 1979 Madras Shirt:  The light blue and yellow plaid makes this one perfect for the non-matchy-matchy scenarios.  Wear this one liberally – over a swimsuit, with tan jeans, or with white shorts.
4. J. Crew Madras Tie:  I shouldn’t have to explain this one.  It’s a madras tie.  Blue blazer required.
5. Gant Rugger Indigo Madras Pullover:  Pullover madras.  It might be the eighth wonder of the world.
6. O’Connell’s Madras Tie:  Not too thick, but the tight pattern puts this a bit more on the formal side.
7. Land’s End Short Sleeve Madras Shirt:  Not a huge fan of short sleeve button-ups as I don’t work for IBM therefore don’t carry a pocket protector, but this could replace a t-shirt as a casual top.
8. O’Connell’s Bleeding Madras Green Trousers: We are in dangerous territory here.  Madras pants are not for the faint of heart.  They are trousers, so treat them as such.  They should be cuffed.  They should be pressed.  Otherwise they look like pajamas.
9. O’Connell’s Bleeding Madras Red Trousers:  See above.
10. J. Crew Short Sleeve Madras Shirt: Short sleeved, but look at that awesome 80’s-inspired plaid.
11. Brooks Brothers Montauk Madras Swim Trunks: Swimming in madras.  It’s like plaid soup.
12. Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald Madras Sport Coat: This is for the top of the heap.  Don’t ever be afraid to pull off a madras sport coat.  Works with jeans and khakis, works with any solid OCBD, and works day and night.  Be that guy.


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  1. 05/22/2013 / 10:04 AM

    I actually got #7 about two weeks ago. Its a nice shirt at a very reasonable price for Madras. I suppose as an engineer though, I’m only living the stereotype by wearing a short sleeve button up (though, it is mostly only worn with shorts).

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