Memorial Day Action

There’s something about a long weekend that reminds me of the importance of down time.  Putting your feet up for an extra day is a great way to get a quick recharge.  This is the first holiday of the year for us since MLK.  And it’s been a busy year.

Let’s not forget what we are celebrating.  Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of all those that have died while serving in the armed forces.  Wear red, white, and blue with pride today.  We are all blessed with the freedoms and liberties that we have.  It wouldn’t be possible without the ultimate sacrifice of many.

Hopefully you are enjoying some Americana today: a cookout, some time on the lake, watching a ball game…  We are taking it easy this weekend.  The weather looks a little sketchy, but we’re going try and fish, try and bring #HJS to the pool, do a little yard work, and grilling as much as possible.  We’ll be having fun on our end, so cheers to all of you.  It’s a fun, action packed weekend, so enjoy accordingly:

From top left:

1. Onward Reserve USA Bear Trucker Hat:  Start up top…and it needs to show off Old Glory.
2. Costa Pescador Sunglasses:  Hopefully you’ll be spending some time outside or on the water where some sunglasses are needed.  Get some good ones.
3. B&O P2 Portable Speaker:  Wear this one around your neck, and bluetooth “Proud to be an American” on repeat.  Loud.
4. Wiffle Ball Set:  Beer sports…the kind that anyone and everyone can play.
5. Birddogs Swipe Rights:  Memorial Day needs shorts that are ready for anything: the pool, the lake, a backyard BBQ, or a Braves game.  These fit the bill.
6. JT Spencer American Flag Belt:  Really want to make a statement?  Pull off Old Glory on a dusty pink belt.  Cool and tough.
7. Onward Reserve X Penley Colonial Flag T-shirt:  Show off your team colors.
8. Lawn Chair:  Be the guy that brings a chair that doesn’t have a shoulder strap.
9. Red Hare 50/50 Tangerine Beer:  Sure, your cooler is packed with Miller Lite, but variety is the spice of life.
10. Heinz 57 Sauce:  The unsung hero any BBQ.  It is nectar to a burger, a hot dog, or a piece of chicken.  Especially after 10 #9s.
11. Weber Charcoal Grill:  I love the smell of charcoal.
12. Rainbow Sandals:  Versatile kicks for a long day of celebrating
13. Flood Tide Funky Perm Foam Koozie:  It’s a koozie that’ll keep your beer safe, even if you drop it off a 3-story building.
14. Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler:  Not only a badass cooler with wheels, but an excellent footrest.



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