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I first saw Wren & Ivy‘s Wellington Duffle at Caliber over in Birmingham.  Something about it really struck a cord with me.  The classic styling, the function, and the leather and dark canvas checked all the boxes.  Based out of Madison, MS, Wren & Ivy make bags and gear for the outdoorsman.  Their bags are built around function and design, with a nod to the heritage of gear that our Grandfather’s used.

At the helm is BC Rogers and his wife Kim, who Mrs. RCS and I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and connecting with in Charleston over SEWE weekend.  Not only do they live the brand, but they are they some of the sweetest, most genuine people we’ve met.  BC and I talked Guns,  being good fathers, and are already talking about hunting trips together next year, and Kim and Mrs. RCS were like two old friends.  Absolutely fantastic…now I have a yet another reason to head to Mississippi.

BC was nice enough to do a little interview and show off his wares:

What is the inspiration behind Wren & Ivy? Well, Wren is my six year old Daughter and Ivy is BC Rogers IV (IVY) he is four years old. So, that is the inspiration behind the name. The gear was a result of my not being able to find what I was looking for. I figured if I couldn’t there most likely were others who wanted the same thing.

What kind of guy is a Wren & Ivy customer? Our customers understand that time is precious. They work hard in business, in travel, and in the field. They want gear that will keep up with those demands. They understand that this gear will be with them when they create the stories their loved ones will tell when they are gone.

What drives you in product design and brand identity?  I want classic styling but functionality for the modern customer. I want our gear to look like your grandfather may have owned it, but when you use it, it works.

What are your passions outside of running Wren & Ivy? Other than my family, I am an avid hunter. I spend the most time hunting ducks and turkeys, but I also love to bow hunt.

What does it mean to you to be a hunter?

To be A Hunter is primeval, it is innate.

Since man first drug himself out of the mud and began to walk upright
he has had the (urge, drive, requirement?) to feed himself.

Some might say that is being grandiose in a world with restaurants on every corner
and grocery stores the size of amusement parks in every town.

I say no, the call to hunt is directly tied to that original fight for life.

If you tap into that basic building block of who we are,
that gift that God gave to enable us to not only survive in, but to Steward this earth.

That will sound a tuning fork inside you that will change the song that your soul sings.

You will then carry that song into every aspect of your life.

You will be instantly the steward over this place that God himself ordained Adam to to be.

A deep part of you will be permanently and irrevocably changed for the better.

Wherefore, you will be A Hunter.

Who do you admire from a professional and a personal perspective? As a man of faith there is only one answer to this question. That said, my earthly father is also a guide to me in all aspects of my life.

What is on your Spotify playlist? Oh no, this question is too tough for me. Most people don’t know that I spent the first ten years of my career in the music business in Nashville after graduating from Belmont University with a major in Music Management. So, I have a lot of music I am very passionate about. Most of all, I love Americana, Country Rock, and Classic Country, but as I am typing this I am listening to The Cambridge Singers version of John Rutter’s Requiem.

Their whole collection is great.  My favorite pieces are the Heirloom Ditty Bag (more on that later) and the aforementioned Wellington Duffle Bag.  Since they were doing free embossing at the G&G Field Shop in the Dewberry, I couldn’t leave without one:

The Heirloom Ditty Bag

The Wellington Duffle

Here’s what I like about the bag:  The canvas is tough, but not too heavy.  For a bag of this size, it’s actually pretty light.  All of the leather touches give it a very luxurious feel, but still rugged enough to throw in the back of a pickup truck.  The look of the bag lines up with other canvas and leather gear, so it’s not an outlier – it ‘fits the feel’.

The u-shaped zipper on top is really nice, especially for those trips where unpacking isn’t an option.  Easy access makes it easy to live out if this bag for a couple days.  The size of this bag is good for a long weekend with your spouse, or a hunting trip – there’s enough room for an extra vest, a coat, and extra long underwear.  And last but not least, the leather boot bag underneath the main compartment.  This is perfect for boots and shoes, or for all your dirty clothes on the way home.  I’ve already put it to use, and had not problem fitting my Russell Cavaliers and a pair of loafers in the compartment, which left me with a ton of room in the main compartment.

The price point is great on these bags as well.  They are as nice or nicer than the more established brands, and cost a lot less for the quality and value.  I’ll give the Wellington Duffle a thumbs up.  Keep your eye on Wren & Ivy, folks.  They are doing good work.

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