New Series: Top of the Heap… with JNG from The Love List

Bloggers rarely get any love.  Not here – we’re all about love.  Enter the new series ‘Top of the Heap’.  I’ve asked some of my friends (who blog) to send me a shot and details about their favorite thing – whatever it is.  Since we’re all about love, let’s start with JNG from The Love List.  Ladies first, right?  Atlanta’s newest resident runs The Love List and Graves Social, and is a #SupperClub founding member…here we go:

JNG from The Love List

“The most precious thing I own isn’t something you can run out and buy. I wear it almost daily, even if it’s tucked under my shirt and only I know it’s there. On a long antique gold chain, I wear two charms; the first, my Gram Gram’s (Margaret Wright Todd) Daughters of the American Revolution pin. The women in my family have been members since the organization’s founding, and I am lucky enough to still have all of the paperwork and genealogy, in each of my relative’s handwriting, dating back many generations. I love opening it up and feeling connected to the women that I come from. The other item that hangs next to that is my Poppy’s (William Todd) World War II Regiment pin – the unit was named “Fit to Fight”, and as a Major in WWII, he racked up many medals, including two purple hearts – he even landed in a couple of history books that my family keeps in our library. It’s silly, but I wake up in the morning and put on my necklace and say “hi” to my grandparents — I simply wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. It is a daily reminder that you can have both roots and wings, a sentiment I think they would both be proud of.” – Jessica Nell Graves, 2012



  1. 03/23/2012 / 10:25 AM

    Man, that is pretty cool.

  2. 03/23/2012 / 10:32 AM

    thanks for having me dude!

  3. 03/23/2012 / 12:42 PM

    Looking forward to keeping up with this new series!

  4. Glenn
    03/23/2012 / 12:47 PM

    My Grandmother was a DAR member also she was from NH! Her husband was a Army combat engineer in the WW1, I have his really cool old framed sepia tone photograph of his engineer company group photo prior them going to France dated 1917.

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