NYFW 2013 Highlight: The Leather Jacket

We’ve all seen the NYFW pictures and stories across the various blogs, Facebook pages, and style magazines.  For me, it’s hard to get into new release for clothing and accessories that won’t hit the shelves for another six months.  I liked most of what I saw, with most of the designers doing a great job of staying pretty much in the bounds of the current fashion trends: their take on traditional/heritage/military inspired/etc.

Instead of focus on certain designer collections, I’d like to focus on a piece that hasn’t gotten much space above the fold: the leather jacket.  I, along with everyone, had a black leather jacket – cut in the ‘car coat’ style, but quit wearing it years ago.  For a long time, I liked the ‘idea’ of a leather jacket, but never thought it would find a place in my rotation.  This does seem a little strange, in that most of my wardrobe is Levi’s, good shoes, and OCBDs, and you would think a leather jacket would fit right in.  Maybe it’s that I never looked, or maybe it’s because one never caught my eye.

That is, until I saw these two leather jackets.

The first, from New York-based Todd Snyder:

And this one from Florance, Alabama-based Billy Reid:

Both of these are exactly the style I would prefer.  A shorter length with a fold-over collar.  Not too motorcycle-esque, but not fashion-forward at all.  I could see either of these as staple pieces with everything from jeans and boots to wool trousers and double monks.  A leather jacket portrays and attitude, so it’s more about ‘how’ you wear it… more so than what you wear it with.

What do you think?  Any other swayed to the leather jacket camp?



  1. Madison Roberts
    02/20/2013 / 9:27 AM

    Looks like Gregg Allman is now a fashion model. If Gregg wears one then so will I!

  2. BrianC
    02/20/2013 / 10:53 AM

    Nothing else makes me feel as bulletproof as a good leather jacket. Find one you love, and wear it until it has that same “old friend”, vintage style of your favorite jeans.

  3. mattisarockstar@gmail.com
    02/20/2013 / 9:57 PM

    How about a Schott 135 for an American classic?

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