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Mrs. RCS and I were out and about a couple weekends ago, and we pulled up next to an F150 pulling a really good looking boat.  Turns out it was made by Towee Boats.  This was it:

Not being familiar with the company, I looked them up.  Towee Boats is based out of McMinnville, Tennessee, and produce cross-over skiff boats that are known for being lightweight, and tough as nails.  By ‘cross over’, they mean making a boat that will handle a rocky river, or in the flats as a polling boat.

They produce two styles: the Calusa and the Seminole.  The Calusa is the original, and fully customizable skiff, and the Seminole is the entry level boat for most anglers who don’t need all the bells and whistles.  The vibe of the company is great – they seem like a great group that wants to get you the right boat for your needs, not up-sell just because.  I like that.

Honestly – I’m completely obsessed.  I love the idea of having a boat like this.  There are plenty of smaller lakes, bigger lakes, rivers, and streams all within a couple hours of Atlanta, all of which would be ideal.

Being that Mrs. RCS loves to fish, and I am planning on having a pole in #HJS’s hand as soon as he can cast, I figure this is something we’d use quite a bit.  I’m not really a ski boat guy (yet), as I’m much more interested in fishing.  Considering the investment, this may be a good option.  I just have to figure out where to keep it.

Here are a few pictures of the boats in action:

Next time we head up to Nashville, I’m planning on stopping by and seeing what’s up…

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  1. CDS
    08/09/2017 / 1:44 PM

    Prop jet on that green rig is a must for the Hooch. Still could use it in open and salt water too. you could tow it with a Saturn. Speaking of the Hooch, Striper season is winding down. you oughta check that fishery out before its too late. 

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