Packing: The Babymoon

We are leaving for our Babymoon this Thursday.  ‘What is a babymoon?’ you ask?  IT’S A GREAT IDEA.  It’s a last hoorah vacation that #MrsRCS and I can take before our little bundle of joy arrives.  It is a chance for us to race one another chugging La Croix vs Miller Lites.  Chips & Salsa vs. Oysters.  Walking vs. her driving.  It’s going to be great.

We are heading to The Pearl in Rosemary Beach.  We’ve been looking forward to staying at The Pearl for quite some time…  We love 30A, but usually rent a house.  This time is different.  We’re bringing some extra baggage.

Anyway, I don’t take myself too seriously while down on 30A.  It’s a very cherry destination, where every view looks like a picture from a magazine.  In four days, I’m sure I’ll see no less than 25 photo sessions on the beach, for either family photos, engagement photos, and/or Christmas card photos.  All very entertaining.

#MrsRCS and I take advantage of all that the Gulf Coast has to offer.  Of course we will hit the beach, the pool, all the little towns (Seaside-Rosemary-Alys), but we’ve also got a fishing trip scheduled for Saturday morning, and we are playing golf on Sunday (both where her suggestions).  We do a lot more than take selfies on rented bikes.

Given that the trip is less than a week away, I need to make sure all my laundry is done.  Here’s a general guide for what I like to pack:

Beach & Pool Action:

1. The Tackle Breaker Tour Visor:  For some reason, a lot of people like to wear ‘Seaside’ hats/visors.  It’s like wearing a shirt of the band you are going to see.  I’d prefer to show off what’s playing on our annoying personal bluetooth speaker.
2. Oakley Frogskins: The coolest sunglasses.  Lots of nods from other sunburned guys who remember these being all the rage in the late 90s…
3. Simms Morada SS Shirt:  Button front is key for me here.  Obviously I don’t want to mess up my hair.
4. Strong Boalt Hybrid Shorts:  The best trunks in the business.  I like ’em bright, and I like ’em solid.  Strong Boalt’s hybrid shorts are both bright and solid.
5. Holderness & Bourne Evans Tote:  There’s a lot to lug down to the water, so get a big enough bag that looks like you’ve been there before.

Happy Hour Action:

1. Pusherman Hat from Flood Tide Co.:  A cool hat that is local-appropriate.  I fully expect #MrsRCS to borrow this one.
2. Club Shirt from Criquet Shirts:  100% untucked and 100% cool.  The jersey fabric is just right for the coast.
3. La Matera Pinamar Belt:  Just the right amount of waist flare while drinking a pitcher of happy hour beer (directly out of the pitcher – they love it when you do that).
4. Patagonia Stand Up Shorts:  Specifically a pair that have been worn quite a bit, with some patina.  That’s when they get good.
5. Rainbow Flip Flops:  It’s fair to say that I’m a Rainbow Sandal guy.  They just work.  The new ‘sand’ color is great.  I’m sure the beer stains will look even better on these.

Dinner Time Action:

1. Persol 714 Sunglasses:  Not only are these a great eyewear staple, they fold up like a puzzle.  Something to keep you entertained while you wait on your Sandwedge at the bar.
2. Ledbury Tanamar Linen/Cotton Shirt:  Stay cool, and look good.  The linen/cotton blend will be breezy in all the right places.  Just roll the sleeves up before you head out.
3. Matte Alligator Ring Belt from W. Kleinberg:  I came to know W. Kleinberg from Miller Brothers here in Atlanta.  Super nice stuff.  This is a perfect time to rock the o-ring.
4. Peter Millar Winston White Shorts:  White attire on 30A?   Groundbreaking, I know.  These look good, and will still look fine when you drop a shrimp cocktail in your lap.
5. Res Ipsa Kilim Loafers:  Be that guy.  Be better than The Gap.

What am I missing?  You think they’ll let me back into Walton County?



  1. Jeff
    05/22/2017 / 9:51 AM

    You forgot either a Yeti or Rtic soft cooler for the Beach & Pool Action!  I prefer the Rtic Softpak 20 since it has a flip top and is about a third the price of a Yeti.  Gotta keep theLa Croix & Miller Lites cold!

  2. Mark
    05/22/2017 / 10:03 AM

    Thanks for the Imperial link.  I’d never looked there but I bought one of the hats at Onward Reserve and love it.  I’ll need a another GA one for my trip to South Bend.  Best wishes for a healthy baby!   Oh, and try the 30a Beach Blonde or other Grayton Beer products while you’re there. 

  3. JAB
    05/22/2017 / 6:22 PM

    I ordered one of the Jam Bear hats from Imperial on Friday for a trip to the Gulf Coast next week.  I went with their performance jam bear since I knew it would fit the same as my Onward Reserve one.  I’ve been on the fence about getting a pair of Stand Up shorts.  Some of the reviews that I’ve read say to size up.  That would mean going from a 34 to a 36.  What has been your experience with them?

    • CJH
      05/23/2017 / 1:58 AM

      Agreed on sizing up, normally a 34 myself and bought a new pair last week and the 36 fit perfectly. 

      • Landy
        05/23/2017 / 2:36 PM

        X2. Interestingly I didn’t need to on a pair I purchased several years back

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