Pheasant Art

I’ve got a couple buddies who are working on a South Dakota trip to go shoot Pheasants.  Trips like these take some time to plan, but they are both adamant that it’ll be an experience like no other.  In the ‘refinement’ theme of 2017, I’m in.  Orvis offers some world class trips, but I believe they’ve got a few other ideas up their sleeves based on some relationships they’ve made over the years.

Pheasants are very handsome birds.  They have a regality about them that seems very ‘top shelf’.  This look has been celebrated for years in the form of artwork and decorating (See Melanie Davis’ design here).  I’m not talking about the landscape paintings, but the engraved plates and prints that really focus on the bird.  You can find these everywhere, from Etsy to Ebay, and at antique markets and shows.    I’m working on getting some wall space for a couple like this.  I’ll even let Mrs. RCS pick the frame….I may need James Farmers’ to help with the encouragement.

Here are a few that I really like:

Extra Credit: I saw a framed Hermes scarf in an office not too long ago, and it confirmed my thought that this is a good idea.  Here’s the Pheasant version that would look outstanding in a very masculine frame:

You like?  Any advice for South Dakota?



  1. Nem
    01/25/2017 / 8:36 AM

    Oh man, look out…pheasant hunting in South Dakota!! That is a big leap from sporting clays and pen raised quail. You will absolutely love it! Keep us posted on the trip…guides make all the difference in the pheasant game! Congrats!

  2. Kim
    01/25/2017 / 1:42 PM

    I’m from the corner of Nebraska where Iowa and SD meet and there was an abundance of pheasants when I was growing up, but now in that area they’ve almost disappeared from all the fertilizers and pesticides that the farmers use. Many years ago when we were first married, my dad took my husband hunting on my great uncle’s property that butted up to an area with a huge sign that said “no white man beyond this point” (life on the Reservation was always interesting). We always seem to go back for a football game on the first weekend of November and end up taking our trip with a plane load of pheasant hunters landing in Omaha, bound for SD. A big group from our church up here in May-retta go every year, so you won’t be missing Southern accents while you’re there.

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