RCS Gift Guide Four: Dear Mr. Fantasy

Moving right along with the RCS gift guides, we are moving on up.  These are the high end gifts that Dear Mr. Fantasy would whole heartedly approve (although he shows no outward emotion).  Need to knock someone’s socks off?  Here you go:

From top left:

1. Dubarry Glenview Waxed Jacket:  A chore coat to watch others do chores for you.  It’s waxed, so it’ll stop the rain, and it’s got deep pockets, for those with deep pockets.
2. Smythson Notebook:  Call me old fashioned, but I work best from lists, and there isn’t a soft version that works as well as longhand.  A good notebook with gold leaf personalization is a sure-fire way to get things done.  Just do something fun with the personalization…like ’99 Problems’, or ‘Meal Plan’.
3. Fujifilm X100T Camera:  The camera that is replacing DSLRs for 90% of all photos.  So good…and light, and it looks really cool as well.
4. A Fly Fishing Trip to Cosmo:  Yeah, this Cosmo.  World class fly fishing in one of the most remote locations on the planet.  Alphonse Fishing Company does it right.  If you go, get me a hat?
5. Colonel Littleton Alligator Front Pocket Wallet:  Does anyone really need a bi-fold, or tri-fold wallet anymore?  This carries all you need, looks great, and the alligator leather will take all abuse.
6. Rancourt Pinch Penny Alligator Loafers:  Sometimes alligator loafers are 100% appropriate.  Let me try that again: if you own alligator loafers, they are always 100% appropriate.  Especially when they are custom jobs, and made in American by a Rancourt.
7. Sid Mashburn Shawl Collar Black Watch Plaid Tuxedo Jacket:  Give ‘Black Tie’ a charge…you won’t have to show off your sweet dance moves to get noticed…instead, you can hang out by the bar and simply look better than the other penguins in the room.
8. Beolit 15 Portable Speaker:  For when you need to rock on the go.
9. Birddogs Gym Shorts:  Women have Lululemon, so guys need shorts that fly at the same altitude.  Enter Birddog.  Get a pair.  Trust me.
10. Tiffany & Co. Fish Flask: For those long waits for a bite on the fly, or for display on your shelf.  Either way, it’s a hip-check that will get the nod from your comrades.
11. Moncler Tib Laquered Down Vest:  Remember ‘Back to the Future’, where Marty wore that awesome vest?  Yeah, me too.  Moncler goes much better with a DeLorean.
12. Loro Piana Cashmere Scarf:  If you are going to wear a scarf, then wear cashmere.  Your significant other will really enjoy it after she steals it from you.
13. Royal Fox Notecards by Alexa Pulitzer:  Please send thank you notes.  Hand written.  Up the game with frame-worthy stationary.
14. Ghurka Fairmont #81 Attache Briefcase:  Do you know what sort of guy it takes to carry a hard-shell leather attache?  Honestly, it shouldn’t take that much, since we live in a world of cheap black nylon computer bags.  Stand out from the crowd.


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