RCS Gift Guide One: Attics of My Life

In keeping with tradition, we are continuing our series of holiday gift guides this year.  It’s quite a bit of fun for us here at headquarters, finding new stuff and sharing it.  This year we are going Dead.  Grateful Dead.  Each guide is built around a core theme, highlighted by a respective Grateful Dead theme song.  We hope you enjoy as much as we did building these guides.

First up, ‘The Attics of My Life’…vintage gifts that mean more than their age:

From Top Left:

1. Fox Ice Bucket & Glasses:  A bar is more than bottles of liquor.  Besides a cool bar cart, give your libations a little character.  These aren’t the type of glasses that are appropriate for your next game of beer pong, but they are perfectly suited for your nightcap.  Just remember to keep them out of the dishwasher.
2. ‘Hawaii’ First Edition by James Michener:  Michener has written some classics: ‘Texas’, ‘Space’, etc….  Up your library’s cred with this first edition, and give yourself a little inspiration for your next vacation.
3. Horn Carving Set:  While you’ll only use this a couple times a year, you’ll always smile when using these to carve meat.  There’s something about using horn handled blades.  Very ‘Game of Thrones’.
4. Vintage Carrera Sunglasses:  These are the same model that DeNiro wore in Casino (when the plane landed on the golf course).  You’ll never be as cool as Ace Rothstein, but these will get you a little closer.
5. Vintage James Bond Movie Poster:  What’s true about every guy: First, we need help decorating.  Second, we love James Bond.  Kill two birds with one stone with a vintage Bond poster. Made more remarkable in Italian.
6. Vintage Bloodstone Signet Ring:  A lot of guys don’t wear jewelry except for a watch and a wedding ring, but a signet is a nice addition in formal settings.  Extra points if she has something special engraved inside the ring…
7. Antique Civil War Writer’s Lap Box:  I found one of these a couple years ago, and use it as a personals box.  It has a bunch of hidden compartments, and just about everything important and sentimental lives in this box.  Not to mention it is extremely handsome on my chest of drawers.
8. Green Leather Chesterfield Sofa:  Chesterfield sofas are the cool, and they are timeless.  They are an excellent centerpiece in a family room.  Oh, and this one is GREEN LEATHER.  You’d have a hard time getting this under the tree, but it’s the thought that counts.
9. Vintage Standing Wardrobe Valet:  Put this baby in the corner…and use it.  Considering your blue blazer or your Barbour gets daily use, take advantage.
10. Antique Johnny Walker Ash Tray:  Don’t get wrapped around the ‘ash tray’ thing.  These make for more interesting valet trays for keys, loose change, your pocket knife, and other odds and ends that get daily use.  The vintage Johnny Walker theme is a nice touch.
11. 1958 Rolex Air King Watch:  You won’t find anything cooler than a vintage Rolex.  This Air King’s waffle design is simply badass.  They don’t make ’em like this anymore.
12. Vintage Coca Cola Metal Cooler:  The intent isn’t to replace your Yeti, bro, but to have an iconic piece of Americana to show that you get it.
13. ‘The Official Preppy Handbook’:  Everyone should have a copy for themselves, and a copy to give away.  Pay it forward, folks.  Your karma could use a little store credit.

More to come…


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