RCS Gift Guide Part Two: Guns

From top left:

1. Filson Oil Finish Shooting Jacket:  It’s rare that Filson misses.  A nice, oil finish jacket appropriate for shooting with padded shoulders and deep pockets.
2. J.L. Powell Thermal-Lined Flannel Shirt:  If you are going to be outside, dress accordingly.  And when dressing, do it with style.
3. Randolph Engineering Ranger Classic Shooting Glasses:  Probably not something you’d buy for yourself, but these are a perfect gift for anyone that enjoys the smell of gunpowder.
4. M.Poole Upsweep Hunters Knife:  A very handsome piece that is appropriate for the hunt club, or if there is an apocalypse.
5. Martin Dingman Gun Bag:  You take care of your gun outside, let this case take care of your artillery from the inside.
6. Filson X Levi’s 505 Tin Cloth Pants:  Tough.  These will withstand the elements and break in nicely.
7. State Traditions Bottomland Camo Hat:  There are plenty of camo hats, but how many let you show a little state pride?
8. Barbour Dunmoor Gilet Vest:  Because you don’t always need a coat.
9. J. Press Gun Check 3/2 Sack Sport Coat:  Put this over a blue oxford and gray flannels and look like a million bucks.
10. Russell Zephyr Boots:  Perfect for in and out of the field.  These will break in like foot gloves.
11. Smathers & Branson Shotgun Cartridges Needlepoint Belt:  Let everyone know you are serious.
12. Izola ‘Put Some Hair On Your Chest’ Flask:  It does get cold in the duck blind.
13. Duluth Pack Shell Bag:  Don’t lose this one.  Please.



  1. BMO'C
    12/12/2012 / 11:35 AM

    Love the Zephyrs. Any idea of any companies that make upland boots without zippers?

  2. RD Coggin
    12/12/2012 / 12:19 PM

    Both Russell and Gokey(Orvis) make upland boots without the zipper!! I cannot remember the name of the Russell boot , but the Sandanona is the Gokey boot without the zipper. Hope this helps!!

  3. Brendan
    12/12/2012 / 1:17 PM

    How would you say the Zephyrs compare to a pair of Fryes?

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