RCS Likes: M. Dumas & Sons

What a great store.  I had to stop in when I was in town, and I’m glad I did.  M. Dumas & Sons is like two stores – a more formal side and a casual side.  Both are excellent examples of the ‘Charleston style’ – traditional, but whimsical – and always comfortable.  I saw one small rack of socks, if that tells you anything – they seem to subscribe to the ‘sans-socks’ mentality.  While they have their own line of sport coats, suits, and formal wear, they also have Dumas labeled polos and pants, alongside quite a few newer labels – Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Southern Tide, Castaway, Pennington & Bailes, and Mountain Khakis (to name a few).  The staff is very friendly, and the music is good.  A good place off King to hang out.  My haul:

(Clockwise from top):

1. Vineyard Vines Charleston Latitude/Longitude cap – you can only get it in the Holy City.
2. Vineyard Vines Club Shorts in ‘Bay Leaf’ (really a light gray/green color) – I had a pair of PRL shorts this color that I had to retire, so I was happy when Mrs. Red Clay Soul pointed them out to me.
3. Leather Man LTD ‘Big Red’ SC flip flops – Found these on the half-off rack ($17).  Couldn’t resist…

Some highlights (from my iPhone camera):

The Leather Man Rounder – Simply amazing.  Every belt you could think of – and some M. Dumas custom ones…

The Southern Proper PC Shorts – Very cool.

The M. Dumas Palmetto Polos – they had about a dozen colors, $39 a piece.

Mountain Khakis Lake Lodge Twill pants in ‘Summer Red’

Lucchese Alligator Boots – not the full ‘gator hide, but good looking, and a steal at $1400.

The Smathers & Branson rack – I’m on board with East of Oxford that the SEC belt is on the list.

One of the four Filson shelves.  Every model you could think of (including wallets).  Otter Green is my new favorite color.

I tried on the Luminox 3051.BO – they had quite a few color variations in the store, but the Blackout version was top notch.  This watch will be mine…it is incredible.  Other than this stuff, I have to tip my hat to the Castaway selections.  I don’t have much experience with that brand, but everything I saw looked really good.

So – next time you are in the Low Country, stop by and see these folks.  If you do stop in, please encourage them to fix their website – so you can get any of this stuff at a moments’ notice.



  1. 05/23/2011 / 9:03 AM

    I was wondering if you stopped my M. Dumas. I passed by that shop hundreds of times without going in (didn’t fit my style when I was younger) but its on my list of shops to visit this summer.

    P.S. The Apple store across the street? That used to house my favorite small concert venue in the city.

  2. Bryce
    05/23/2011 / 9:52 AM

    Stopped in there a few weeks ago and picked up a few items. Everything in the store was amazing, but I was appalled by the customer service. The owner himself was checking me out and was too busy discussing his spinning class with an associate to acknowledge me and my group’s presence even though we were all buying a large amount of items. We were never offered help when we were shopping for a good 30 minutes and I ended up putting a few items back because we could not get a dressing room.

    When we walked past the shop later, the owner was outside smoking and shouting on his cell phone, swearing at one of his vendors. Long story, short. Great products, shoddy service. There are many other men’s stores in my area that sell the same products and they all have phenomenal service and a dedicated and educated team of employees.

  3. Ben
    05/23/2011 / 11:20 AM


    That’s pretty much my experience with their customer service.

    I will never forget one visit about ten years ago. One of the salesman was ordering something for a customer and was shouting his credit card number so loud everyone could have heard.

    Great clothes but shoddy service.

  4. 05/23/2011 / 1:39 PM

    Oh, I like!! My favorite is the VV hat with the coordinates, the Leather Man belts, and those alligator boots!!

  5. Brad
    05/23/2011 / 2:18 PM

    I was in Charleston for a weekend a couple of years ago and bought my first seersucker suit at M. Dumas. I had great experience with their customer service…suit was altered and shipped to me within a week for no extra charge. Very well priced and still looks great.

  6. Moss
    05/23/2011 / 2:38 PM

    I enjoy your site and I’m glad that you enjoy SC.

    However, as a South Carolinian, I must correct you, that is not the Big Red ensign on your sandals. Big Red’s gorget is actually turned so that it faces the palmetto.

    Also, as a southerner I think you would agree that its not proper to wear a symbol which should be honored on your shower shoes, but thats another story — guess tourists will buy anything with the palmetto on it!

    Thanks and please keep up the posts.

  7. 05/24/2011 / 2:18 PM

    Folks – I can’t thank you enough for your honest feedback. It is what makes this site fun. Regardless, let’s keep it above the line – I really don’t want to have to be in the business of policing comments.

  8. 24/7 Restless
    05/25/2011 / 1:58 PM

    I’m so glad you deleted that comment. There was so much wrong with it, beyond the borderline “hate” aspects of it.

  9. B. L. Davis
    05/25/2011 / 9:21 PM

    A note on the Luminox. I deployed with that watch. It didn’t last 3 months in county until the bezel had popped off and both of the plastic retention loops to hold the strap failed. I was able to salvage the bezel, but it can be flipped off the watch with nearly zero effort. For the price, I would never even consider another Luminox. I’ve ordered the Marathon mechanical diver’s watch for the next push. Email me if you want more details.

  10. 05/29/2011 / 7:52 AM

    @ 24/7 – My pleasure.

    @ BL – Thanks for the head’s up. I doubt I would ever be as tough on it as you would during a deployment, but that’s good to know. Also – I’ve found it at a good discount online…

  11. S
    06/27/2011 / 4:00 AM

    M. Dumas & Sons has become a tradition for my family -whenever we go to our beach house @ Kiawah we are always lured back to Charleston for not only Snobs but Dumas I cannot ever get enough of the embroidered shorts!!!! Its a taste of old with a spot of new! Cheers mates!


  12. Jack T
    08/26/2011 / 11:58 PM

    After years of buying VV, Leatherman and the SB needlepoints, I realized that none hold up over time. They fray and get filthy. The best belt of this style is Double Eagle, any belt you can think of, great colors and washable. Tougher to find but starting to be more prevalent.

  13. Jim T
    04/26/2016 / 5:26 PM

    interesting comment about the owner above. No excuses if you feel you got bad service, but the owner, David Dumas, does not smoke and has never smoked….

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