RCS Wish List: Barbour

I’ve never pulled the trigger. I’m about to…



  1. The Duck
    12/03/2009 / 1:39 AM

    I've got four and they all serve a function. Careful they're addictive.

  2. DAM
    12/03/2009 / 3:41 AM

    I've got one for sale if you are 38…

  3. trip
    12/03/2009 / 4:22 AM

    Bedale first, then the Liddesdale.

  4. Skip
    12/03/2009 / 10:51 AM

    What's the difference between the Bedale and the Beaufort?

  5. trip
    12/04/2009 / 12:36 AM

    Skip, I will provide an answer. The Beaufort is longer, long enough to wear over a suit/sport coat and on the back has a zip-up game pocket (additionally useful for storing beers or other contraband). The Bedale is a couple inches shorter and instead of a game pocket has a back with what looks like side vents, but actually function more like bellows. This jacket was originally intended for riding and the back could be unsnapped to go over the saddle so that rain wouldn't run down the jacket, into the saddle and onto the back of your pants.

  6. Skip
    12/04/2009 / 1:03 AM

    Thanks trip!

  7. Nicholas
    12/09/2009 / 6:41 AM

    Also the bedale has internal sleeve cuffs while the beaufort does not. That one was detail that helped me decide between the two.

  8. OTC
    12/09/2009 / 6:54 PM

    I have the Beaufort – a great jacket that I pretty much wear year-round, except for the high summer. As noted above, I like the fact that I can wear it with a suit/sport coat. In fact, that's what I'm doing today.

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