Red Clay Soul Gift Guide #2: From Russia With Love

For our second act, we are looking out for the travelers, the road warriors, the tire burners…  In the 007 vein, let’s call this on “From Russia With Love,” one of Sean Connery’s best Bond films from 1963.  If you have not seen this film, and I do not want to know the reason why not, then add it to your Netflix queue immediately.

If you are looking for a gift for someone who spends time on the road, this guide is for you:

From Top Left:

1. Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer:  Cleanliness is next to Godliness.  Keep one of these in your dopp kit, one in your travel bag, and one in your suitcase.  Use liberally.  The easiest way to get sick as a result of traveling is touching something disgusting.  And all airports are disgusting.  Fight back.
2. Aviate Hat:  I always bring a hat in my travel bag or briefcase.  It’s good for when your part gets mess up, and your hair just don’t look right, or for pulling it down over your eyes when you need some shut-eye.  The good folks at Aviate hit the nail on the head with airport codes…show some hometown pride.
3. Lotuff Leather Luggage Tag:  Don’t be the guy (or gal) that has some gross Hello Kitty, neon pink, and glittered luggage tags.  You aren’t in a video game.  You are an adult.  Stand out by getting a quality leather luggage tag.  They are just as easy to spot.
4. Braun Travel Alarm Clock:  Yeah, I know your phone has an alarm clock.  But – if you have a hard time sleeping in hotels (like most people), then the ‘tick-tock’ of this travel alarm clock will put you to sleep in no time.  Don’t believe me?  Try it…
5. Res Ipsa Weekender Travel Bag:  We’ve talked about leather duffles for quite some time, and while they are great, Res Ipsa’s kilim weekender is a welcome alternative.  If you dress well and carry yourself with confidence, their bags, and shoes, are for you.
6. Hudson Sutler EDC Bags:  For those that are organized, which should be everyone, you know all about packing bags.  I love them, and use them every time I travel.  Hudson Sutler just released their EDC bags, which are a GREAT size for packing specific goods while traveling…one for chargers and cords, one for notes and books, and one for unmentionables.
7. Travel Charger Adapter:  You have the power…but connecting on the other side of the ocean can be prohibitive without an adaptor.  Here you go.
8. SunCloud Explorer Zip Sunglasses Case:  This is a $10 investment that will save your sunglasses.  Keep it in your travel bag and don’t give your shades a second thought.
9. AKG Noise Cancelling Headphones:  There are a ton of noise cancelling headphones out there, but a lot of them look like ET phone home.  These are still over-the-ear, but are a little more streamlined.  And the sound quality is great.
10. Tumi Alpha2 International Suitcase:  I’m a little anti-black suitcase, as I like to stand out from the crowd.  I’ve also been dipping my toe into the hard shell options.  This Tumi might be the perfect option – the blue and grey is a masculine alternative, and the shell has a little give for those heavy packs.  Oh, and four wheels.  A must.
11. Col. Littleton Passport Cover:  Take care of the things that are important.  When you need your passport, it’s extremely important, so take care of it.
12. Ghurka Breast Pocket Wallet:  There are a bunch of cards that we don’t carry every day (insurance, frequent flyer cards, gift cards, etc.), so I got into the habit of having a breast pocket wallet to carry the non-wallet essentials when I’m traveling.  These are also a great place to store receipts for those damn expense reports.
13. Filson Double-Zip Tin Cloth Travel Case:  I recently converted to this thing, and haven’t found a better travel bag.  The tin cloth isn’t as bulky as their canvas, so there is more room for ‘stuff’.  The two zippers give easy access.
14. Sharper Image Travel Speaker and Microphone:  When you are trying to participate on a conference call on an iPhone, you sound exactly like you are trying to participate on a conference call on an iPhone.  This little upgrade will do wonders for your virtual meetings…and you can jam out to some tunes while you are raiding the hotel mini-bar.
15. Boast Pique Double Face Quarter Zip:  I learned the hard way that traveling is a cold game.  I prepare accordingly and always carry an extra layer.  Something cotton.  This quarter-zip from Boast is perfect for the bus from the rental car place, a beer at the airport bar, or a redeye flight from a couple time zones away.  Doubles as a pillow.


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  1. Fisher
    11/23/2015 / 7:05 PM

    For those interested you can get the Boast pullover for 50% off with the discount code Furman4Boast

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