Relwen Quilted Patrol Jacket

In my constant search to add jackets to a big collection, I’m always looking for pieces that are a little different, or serve another function.  I have plenty of Barbours, a Belstaff, some Penfields, and an Apolis Chore Coat, but I wanted something different.  I wanted a quilted jacket that I could use like a work coat.  The Liddesdale only has two pockets, a lot of the other quilted Barbours are cut like Moto jackets, and Penfield has taken a weird turn towards streetwear (seriously – let’s get back to the Outback Vests that everyone loved…).

Huckberry just released these Patrol Jackets from Relwen, a brand I’ve never heard of.  After some research, they are no doubt legit, so I decided to give it a try:

Out of the box, I was surprised how substantial, yet how light the jacket is.  It’s quilted, and good for the rain (73% nylon, 27% cotton).  The cut is good too: it’s not boxy, but not too tight.  It has a nice silhouette to go over an oxford, or layered over a sweater.  The sleeves aren’t too short either, which is a problem I’ve found with a lot of quilted jackets.  From a sizing perspective, I ordered a Medium, which is the same size I wear in Penfield, and I’m a 40 in Barbour (for reference).

Personally, I’m a big fan of the large pockets.  I like how they are purpose built (phones, notebooks, etc.).  The older I get, the more pockets I need.  Having a kid only accentuates the need. From a pocket perspective, I’m becoming my Granddad, which isn’t a bad thing.

The jacket is available in green, navy, and charcoal, so you can dress this as outdoorsy to big city that you like.

Available at Huckberry for a limited time…in the market, but Barbour’ed out?  Give this one a whirl.


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  1. Nem
    10/20/2017 / 8:29 AM

    What is the fill on this?  I have my 30+ year old The North Face down jacket that is cut similarly and it’s feather fill is flat in some areas… looks similar in the blue color.  But for my limited winter jacket needs, the Apolis Chore Coat I got this summer based on your review, along with my horsehyde genuine A2 will do the trick.

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